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Seven Improvements TT Games Needs To Make To Lego Avengers

by Ben Reeves on Jan 29, 2015 at 11:30 AM

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There is no shortage of Lego games – they seem to propagate with the speed of a rabbit farm. Thankfully, TT Games' Lego titles have been consistently entertaining for years. Still, the developer could always improve its work, and we have a few suggestions that will take its recently announced Lego Avengers to new heights.

7. More Realistic Graphics – Lego games have always looked like Lego bricks, but come on, we know what those look like already. Instead of improving the lighting in the game or adding some new particle effects to Iron Man's blasters, TT Games should work to make these Lego Avengers resemble their real life counterparts. Instead of showing us more Lego, show us what these Lego minifigs look like inside a child's head. Remember Marvel: Ultimate Alliance? Lego Avengers should look like that.
What they'll probably do: Give Iron Man's blasters a new particle effect and make Nick Fury's bald head even shinier by making the game look better with normal Lego pieces.

6. Gritty Story – Lego stories are usually humorous, but aren't you tired of laughing? We want a story with some real emotion and depth. Give us some really moving, dramatic moments. For example, during one scene, the bad guy could explain his master plan and then Iron Man could kick him into one of the Helicarrier's engines saying, "Time to meet your biggest fan!" Or Thor could hit someone over the head with his hammer and then yell, "Nailed it!" Marvel: Ultimate Alliance had a pretty good serious story. Consider looking to that game as a role model.
What they'll probably do: Continue to add a series of adorable and charming physical comedy bits like they usually do. Groan!

5. Do Another Silent Game – Remember TT Game's Lego titles didn't feature dialogue? We suggest going back to that formula. Tell a story in pantomime. In fact, throw out the script entirely; think of it like improv game design – just keep animating story sequences until you have a whole game. That's probably how Pixar does it. Think of it like this: Remember a time when you and your friend locked eyes and without saying a word you both knew what the other was thinking? That's powerful stuff. TT Games should try to do that with this game. I don't know how they'll do both this and number six, but if anyone can figure it out it would probably be Ken Levine, so TT Games should hire him while they're at it.
What they'll probably do: Try to communicate thoughts and story using words. What a bunch of dinosaurs.

4. Less Building – Building things is exhausting – just ask any construction worker. So why do all of the Lego games require you to collect bricks and build things? Just because TT Games can't finish building their world before the game ships doesn't mean that players should have to finish their job. You know what's more fun than building things? Destroying things. My favorite Lego memories are of kicking over and destroying my brother's Lego creations. We need to see more of that in games. For example, Marvel: Ultimate Alliance did a great job letting you destroy large parts of the world you explored.
What they'll probably do: Add a series of "brick building" mini-games where players construct things out of bricks. Come on TT Games, we're not babies.

3. Stan Lee Is A Villain – I don't mean that Stan Lee should be a villain in the next game. I mean that man is a villain. I bumped into him at a convention once and he didn't apologize. Stan Lee created some of my most beloved childhood heroes, but it turns out he's a stuck-up, elitist monster (no offense). It seems only reasonable that TT Games should share my pain with the world in its next game.
What they'll probably do: They'll probably put Stan Lee back into the game as an unlockable character, like last time. And he'll probably have every super hero power known to man, just like last time. But trust me, power like that corrupts.

2. Free Burritos For Players – Some of my favorite gaming memories are of going to Chipotle to buy a burrito and then sitting down with friends to play Marvel: Ultimate Alliance. Not only was Marvel: Ultimate Alliance a flawless piece of entertainment, but I love burritos. TT Games should give all of its fans that experience by giving away a free burrito with the game.
What they'll probably do: The game will likely come in a box that includes a couple of advertisements for other games. You can put rice and beans on those if you want, but that's not lunch.

1. Change The Name Already – Sure Lego Avengers describes the game well enough. We know it's about Marvel's Avengers and it's set inside a Lego world, but it's also incredibly boring. I almost fell asleep reading it the first time. TT Games should use punchier words to describe this game. Use power words like Heroic, Spectacular, or even Ultimate. Also, describe the team-up nature of the game in the title. Is this an alliance of different heroes? Tell us right in the title; don't make us wait to play the game to find out. For example, Lego Marvel: Ultimate Alliance has a nice ring to it.
What they'll probably do: Call the game Lego Avengers; we already got the press release.