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Replay – Wario World

by Jeff Cork on Jan 24, 2015 at 02:00 AM

Nintendo's flatulent hero got another chance to shine with the GameCube release Wario World. The titular character cleaned up his act during the 3D platformer, which means that fans of farting may feel a little let down. Don't worry – there's enough action and overall weirdness to compensate for Wario's gasless adventure.

Per tradition, Tim takes the sticks, while Reiner, Hanson, and I blather on provide hard-hitting analysis on what's happening on-screen. You'll learn a lot during this episode of Replay, with important discussions that include dinosaur anatomy, the perils of being a completionist, and the importance of paying attention.

Stick around for the Roulette, which features one of the worst games we've played during the show's lifetime. It's a cautionary tale of how not to develop a game, which will be useful if you plan on traveling back to 1993.

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