Readers Tell Us What Modern Developers They Want On Classic Game Franchises

by Kyle Hilliard on Jan 18, 2015 at 01:09 PM

Two weeks ago I posted a reader discussion asking what modern developers should take over or reboot classic franchises.

The conversation was prompted by developers like Devolver Digital, who is attempting to make a Seaman game and The Odd Gentlemen, who are working on a new King's Quest. I put forward suggestions like Rocksteady taking on a Metroid game, DrinkBox Studios making a new Mega Man, and Humble Hearts bringing back 2D Castlevania. Readers had some other excellent ideas for modern developers, which you can read below.

Biminian89 wrote, “Ken Levine should make a new Tail of the Sun game,” which might be happening considering we don't know what Levine is currently up to. Fingers crossed.

LA, The Ambassador of Good Will Sunday wrote how he really wants Naughty Dog to take another look at Jak & Daxter, but also put forward what I thought was a fantastic idea: the Uncharted team on a Prince of Persia game.

Captain Bruisen wrote, “Turn 10 and F-Zero. CD Projekt Red and Zelda,” which I agree with partially. Turn 10 is great at racing simulation with the Forza games, but I don't know how well it would fare with a hyper-fast, science-fiction racer that laughs at the idea of realistic physics. Despite how impossible it is, I do however like the idea of the creators behind the Witcher games taking on Nintendo's medieval fantasy. In response to other commenters saying Nintendo should never let go of Zelda Captain Bruisen wrote, “Nintendo has done wonderfully. I'd just love to see where CD Projekt Red could take the franchise in terms of gameplay, tone, and story.”

ReptarAteYou had more CD Projekt Red love suggesting the developer should also take on a new Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, which sounds awesome.

Webbo wrote, “Arkane/Splinter Cell,” which sounds like an interesting idea after the success of Dishonored.

HACK Benjamin has an interesting suggestion writing, “Platinum making a Star Fox game would be dope. Especially after playing Bayonetta 2. They showed they can do it.” For all we know, Platinum may have a hand in what's next for Star Fox as Nintendo has been very secretive about the whole project.

hirschsc wrote, “Rocksteady should totally do a new Darkwing Duck game," which would be perfect. It could basically be an E-rated take on its Batman: Arkham games. It wouldn't have to change the mechanics too much. This also serves as a perfect excuse to share one of my favorite episodes of Replay.

tstitan wrote, “[I've] said it before, I'll say it again: Earthbound/Mother done by Double Fine,” and I encourage them to keep saying it. Schafer tweeted about Earthbound a lot following its Virtual Console release. I choose to believe he was performing research in order to begin development on a new game. We can all dream.

locopenguin99 wrote, “Visceral doing a Metroid game would be crazy.” I agree with him entirely. Visceral knocked scary space setting out of the park with Dead Space. I would love to see that expertise applied to Metroid.

Enuo wrote, “Omega Force should make a new MediEvil game.” Omega Force makes the Dynasty Warriors games, and crossed into Zelda with the recent Hyrule Warriors.

Data wrote, “Sledgehammer = Turok.” Really, any talented developer taking on Turok would be great. There is a disturbing lack of dinosaurs in modern games. The developer behind Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare is a particularly great choice.

Iago407 had a number of suggestions. Some of my favorites they put forward were Bioware on Chrono Trigger (imagine all the choices and outcomes when you throw in time travel), Miyamoto's team at Nintendo on a new Sonic game (they're probably the only ones who could save the franchise at this point), Tri-Ace on Skies of Arcadia (a Square Enix RPG developer taking on Skies sounds like a great idea), and Respawn on Contra (imagine Titanfall, but with a brutally difficult alien invasion).

Todd Hamer also wants to see a return to Skies of Arcadia, but wants to see Level-5 (Dark Cloud, Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch) create it – that is, if it's not working on a Rogue Galaxy Sequel.

Gears of Uncharted Beatles Galaxy 1966 wrote, “I’d love to see Ubisoft tackle a Gunstar Heroes remaster, remake, or reboot! After their work with Rayman Legends, a fantastic installment in a formerly stale franchise, it would be interesting to see their work on a Gunstar Heroes installment."

Jushinrai X suggested a number of developers and franchises, but it was their suggestion that BioWare remake Journey that stood out to me as odd. I honestly don't know if they were kidding.

DamodarThade wrote, “I would like to see Obsidian remake System Shock," and Collector wrote, “Insomniac and 3D Metroid." I like both ideas, though Metroid may be a little too serious for Insomniac. That studio excels when it is being a little silly (Sunset Overdrive, Ratchet & Clank) as opposed to when it is being serious (Resistance, Fuse).

John Martin wrote, “From Software should reboot the Crystal's Pony Tale series. That would be the best!" I think Martin is being sarcastic, but I will never know,

Tetsuito has a few suggestions with Sony Santa Monica (God of War) on MediEvil, Grasshopper Manufacture (Killer 7, Killer is Dead, Shadow of the Damned) on Shadow Man, Crystal Dynamics (Tomb Raider) on Resident Evil and Thatgamecompany (Journey) on Soul Reaver.

Fat Baby Greedo wrote, “Telltale needs to do a Leisure Suit Larry game,” and I think they are absolutely correct.

My favorite suggestions come from DarthKato who wrote, “From Software should make a Castlevania game," and Stormtrooper934 who wrote, “I think Humble Hearts would be great for a new Jazz Jackrabbit game." A From Software Castlevania sounds fantastic and terrifying, and after its impressive work on Dust: An Elysian Tale, I really can't imagine anyone else for a new Jazz Jackrabbit.

As a bonus, I really liked an idea from Torn, but it wasn't for a classic video game franchise, so it technically doesn't count. They wrote, “I'd love to see Telltale tackle The Secret of NIMH. It could bring the story to a whole new generation, and there are definitely things that could become easy gameplay elements. From an early age, I've thought the story would make for a decent video game if done right, and Telltale is the only developer I'd trust it with."

We have technically already had the reader discussion on this topic, but if after reading through everyone's input you suddenly have a new perfect suggestion, leave it in the comments below.