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What's Next For Lords Of The Fallen?

by Daniel Tack on Jan 05, 2015 at 04:35 AM

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Lords of the Fallen surprised us last year by providing some breathtaking backdrops combined with the combat that's come to define the Souls franchise - what can  we expect to see in the future? Executive producer Tomasz Gop weighs in and answers our questions about the future of the Fallen and the upcoming expansion.

Will the expansion offer anymore in the way of new classes or class variety? New spells?

The expansion is not changing much in terms of character development. There will be new equipment and weapons, but since it will be woven into the actual playthrough (players will access it from within the game), we decided not to implement new skills into it.

Will the expansion include fixes for many of the technical issues that cropped up in the core game? Will the expansion be more rigorously prepared to avoid any serious technical problems?

We are releasing the game patch before the DLC, so we are planning to fix most of the issues even earlier. Still, together with the expansion’s release we do plan to include as many general game fixes as possible of course.

How many new bosses can we expect to see? Will they be on par with the current difficulty or can players expect more of a challenge? Will there be any super hard optional bosses?

There is one boss encounter in the expansion and we are not planning any optional bosses. Regarding the challenge, I think this boss will be a surprise for a lot of players because it will be fighting in a different way than bosses from the base game. The main trick to this new area is the exploration and the complex approach towards the destination. You will literally have to move and shift entire sections of the location to carve your way towards either a boss, a secret, or a location, etc. This part of the gameplay will feel like something that was not present in the base game and we’re focusing on that.

What new combat options will new gear offer players? Anything game changing? New special weapons with new abilities?

As I mentioned before, even with new gear and enemy types, this expansion is not focused on delivering an entirely game-changing experience in terms of combat. It’s more about exploration – that’s why it is an expansion, we really wanted to make combat as good as possible in the base game. Having said that, I think the gear you will find in the expansion will offer a good addition for people who complained about balance issues, for example, Faith scaling weapons etc.

How much content does the expansion add in terms of areas to explore?

It is an entire location. From our own “guesstimates” it will take the player about 2 hours to get through the expansion in the most straightforward way, but to max it out, at least double that amount. The Library Labyrinth is riddled with secrets and surprises. Also, there are a couple new enemies, though most of them will behave using patterns players already know - still, they should have some new tricks up their sleeves. There are a couple of new weapons and armor sets. This includes a shield, a quite special one. Of course, it will also feature new achievements/trophies.

Price point? Release date?

That’s a tough question right now. We’re focused on delivering the all-platform patch at the moment, so I can’t put my finger on a release date. We’re still determining the price point at the moment.

Tell me a little about all the comparisons to the Souls games. Are those comparisons fair? Where do you think Lords of the Fallen is headed after the expansion? Can we expect a sequel? More DLC?

If someone tells you “This place feels like your Parent’s house”, you can’t tell them it’s not true, even if you don’t feel that way at all. Or like what the Oracle told Neo in The Matrix – it’s like being in love. Uhm… I guess, what I mean is, no matter how much we see Lords as a game of its own, if someone says it feels “totally like Souls” to him/her, I can only acknowledge that.
The issue is not whether these comparisons happen or not, it’s rather whether people who base their judgment on it will see things we’ve done differently as automatically inferior because they’re… not like Souls. Hope not.

We’d love to make a sequel – ideas are being written down as we speak.

More DLC? I can’t really comment on it at the moment. I am personally very fond of one particular DLC idea for Lords, but since decisions like this are purely business in the end of the day, let me not put the cart before the horse here, please!

One of the biggest things I’m asked about is multiplayer. Can we expect to see some kind of multiplayer functionality added in the future?

You are right about everything. It’s both very frequently asked about, and it’s also the biggest one!  Don’t get me wrong, I’d love to add multiplayer features to a game like this. But then I think, as developers, we definitely should take this step by step and first make sure that we do a single-player experience that leaves no doubt about it being a rock-solid experience with execution and ideas that stand on its own legs.
Yeah… I personally want this way more than multiplayer inclusion. I mean, if I have to compare!

Tell me a little bit about new features and content coming in the expansion. What can we expect to see?

Those who played Lords probably remember that there was a Human Realm, a Demonic Realm, and… something in between. That is exactly where the expansion will take us. That inbetween-realms place. It will deal with the ancient story of people overthrowing Adyr (known later as the Fallen God). Actually, it will have a lot to do with one of the guys who did it. The expansion takes place in an area centered on the concept of Knowledge. Knowledge is power and protecting it is very important, especially if you’re a God facing potential problems! So, Adyr not only stored his most precious secrets in one place, but also made sure it’s protected not only by very powerful Rhogar (his demons), but also by a very complex maze. The rewards that lie ahead for players of The Ancient Labyrinth expansion are not only loot from enemies, but also secrets found by exploring every single room.

And last but not least, since the expansion is woven into the game storyline itself, players will be able to use whatever they obtain in the expansion throughout the base game as well.