The 10 Best Sidekicks Of 2014

by Kimberley Wallace on Dec 29, 2014 at 09:02 AM

A good sidekick is hard to find, and the following characters had our heroes’ backs. Whether they helped keep them sane or assisted on the battlefield, they were essential to the journey. Unfortunately, sidekicks rarely get their taste of the limelight, as the hero usually ends up getting all the recognition. Today we’re changing that by giving these secondary characters their time to shine. Here are the best sidekicks to grace video games in 2014.

Reggie (Infamous Second Son)
Reggie is a true brother, always having his delinquent brother Delsin’s back whether he agreed with him or not, despite being a cop. Things only get further complicated when Delsin discovers he can absorb conduit powers. Reggie voices his disapproval about Delsin using them, but that doesn’t stop Delsin. Before Reggie knows it, he’s helping his brother scour Seattle in an attempt to find Augustine and save their reservation. Reggie is there through thick and thin, helping Delsin battle D.U.P forces, even during times where he doesn’t agree with Delsin’s tactics. But perhaps what makes Reggie stand out most is just how far he’ll go to ensure his brother’s safety. 

Cassandra (Dragon Age: Inquisition)
You enter Dragon Age: Inquisition with Cassandra at your side, and she never stops being a confidant and voice of reason. Cassandra is a good person who just wants to see things get better, and she recognizes that more in-fighting isn’t going to make that happen. Her passion and idealism comes through in every conversation, always motivating you to trust in yourself and fight that much harder. She’s constantly uplifting with her belief in your ability to achieve and to win. In a way, you’re all she has, but the fact that she has so much faith in you, no matter your background or choices, goes to show someone you know will always fight with you, instead of against you. Every hero needs someone pushing them through the hard times along the way, and that’s Cassandra. She battles with you, but she’s also an amazing adviser.

Riley (The Last of Us: Left Behind)
Ellie and Riley have a complicated relationship, but nothing is more endearing in Left Behind than seeing the two pal around together in a shopping mall. Yes, enemies are lurking, but it’s a good change of pace to see them try on masks, have a brick-throwing competition, and play on a carousel. Unfortunately, things in a post-apocalyptic world aren’t all fun and games and the girls also have to confront dangers. Riley stands her ground, helping Ellie fight off the runners and get around barriers. However, it’s when the two face their darkest revelation yet that Riley shines as Ellie’s support system. “But we fight…”

Max  (Valiant Hearts)
This adorable pooch isn’t just for show. Sure, he’s a nice companion to have around when you’re surrounded by death and the horrible conditions that come with war, but he also holds his own as a useful ally. He can get into areas you can’t access, being an asset during puzzles, and he also lends a helping hand when you’re in battle. However, the coolest part of Max is how he connects all the characters in the game together. He somehow manages to make his way to all of them. Everybody needs a pup to get them through the trying times. 

Jesus (South Park: The Stick of Truth)
Who’s got your back? As a summon in South Park: The Stick of Truth, Jesus sure does. All you need to do is call him and Jesus gets down to business, putting on his shades and bringing an M16A1 into battle. Anyone giving you trouble won’t last long, making him your best summon for tough fights. So just remember when all looks lost, turn to Jesus. He’ll be your savior. Talk about a sidekick whose power knows no bounds. 

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Elle Marta (Tales of Xillia 2)
Elle is protagonist Ludger’s driving force in Tales of Xillia 2. She may only be eight-years-old, but Elle reminds everyone what it means to believe in people. She’s determined to make it to the mythical Land of Canaan and keeps the gusto going as the group tries to track it down. She’s cheery, sassy, and always there to dote on Rollo the cat and curse tomatoes. But what makes Elle so essential to the journey is her impact on Ludger. Ludger never had much purpose in his life until Elle walks in, and their growing relationship is the highlight of Tales of Xillia 2. Sometimes you need somebody to fight for, and that’s what both end up being for one another. Furthermore, Elle has a few tricks up her own sleeve, always doing whatever it takes to ensure Ludger doesn’t meet a grisly fate. In fact, what’s most admirable is how Ludgar and Elle bring out the best in one another, both putting the other before themselves. 

Talion (Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor) 
Laugh all you want, but you know it’s Celebrimbor doing all the real work. If you think about it, Talion is merely the bodyguard with some ranger skills, but all his cool powers are thanks to Celebrimbor. It’s Celebrimbor’s elven heritage that lends you the special powers with your bow, allowing you to conjure arrows. Throw in that awesome moves such as shadow strike and domination also come from him and it’s clear that it’s actually Celebrimbor who’s getting slighted, as he’s the man with all the power. Talion is an excellent sidekick... for letting his body be used to wreak havoc. 

Scotchmo (Wasteland 2)
Sometimes having a loose cannon on your side can be a good thing, especially when they’re as hilarious as Scotchmo. This hobo has made a name for himself in Arizona thanks to some pretty impressive drinking skills. Despite his penchant for the bottle, he holds his own in battle and comes into your party with a solid skillset. Of course, having a hobo along the way does mean you have to put up with his stench and expect that he’ll steal your Snake Squeezins at every chance. Still, Scotchmo’s drunken rants are hilarious, making your time in Wasteland 2 all the better. You never know when he’s going to have an outburst that will work to your benefit or just put a smile on your face. 

Your Titan (Titanfall)
Your mighty Titan is your best friend in Titanfall, putting the ultimate power in your hands. There’s something so thrilling about moving through the battlefield and being able to stomp on an enemy for an easy kill. What other contraption lets you throw your titanic fist through a rival Titan, grabbing the pilot and throwing him to the ground? Part of the fun of Titanfall was learning all the fun tricks you could do with your newfound mech, and even if you had to eject, another Titan drop is always a few minutes away.

Chiaki (Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair)
Can you really trust anyone in a game of murder? Chiaki has her own secrets, but for the most part, she’s always there to help you piece together clues. A steadfast ally, she prevents you from doing anything too hastily and making big mistakes. As you get to know Chiaki during free time, you find out she’s lived a much different life than most of the participants. Discovering the true merits of her assistance is just as eye-opening as unlocking the mystery behind Jabberwock Island.

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