10 HD Remastered Horror Games We're Dying For

by Tim Turi on Dec 28, 2014 at 10:30 AM

Say what you will about the influx of HD remastered versions hitting the latest consoles, but in most cases they end up being the best way to play our favorite games. The graphical overhaul to horror titles like Resident Evil (2002, GameCube) and The Last of Us not only makes them prettier, they also make these gritty, unsettling worlds even more realistic and terrifying. With HD remastered versions on our minds, we've come up with 10 awesome horror games we'd love to see get the current-gen treatment.

The Suffering HD
This PS2-era third-person horror game is criminally unsung. Torque is a troubled inmate in jail for the murder of his family - which he may or may not be responsible for. His incarceration gradually becomes more uncomfortable as twisted abominations crawl from the cracks of the old penitentiary. These monsters are the embodiment of grisly forms of formal execution, from beasts with syringe limbs to apparitions composed of toxic gas. An update of The Suffering would not only make Abbott State Penitentiary an even more gruesome place to be, but it's also an opportunity to polish up the third-person action controls. Now if only one lucky publisher could snatch up The Suffering's license. 

Dead Rising Remastered Collection
Frank West's initial debut early in the Xbox 360's life-cycle set a technical benchmark for the generation (and had text so small it practically forced fans to upgrade from SD TVs to HDTVs). Not only did the game look great, but it astounded players with the unprecedented amount of zombies that could fit onscreen. With a remastered version, Capcom could tune up the visuals and framerate performance while also possibly adding in even more zombies. Another treat would be to let players who loved Dead Rising 3's time limit-free design to play the first two games unfettered by a ticking clock.

Dead Space Trilogy Remastered
The third installment in Isaac Clarke's unlucky streak only came out a year ago, but the series began back in 2008. The first Dead Space still looks and plays great, but a graphical update with new, even grosser textures on the monsters and environments would do well to freak out players. Having all these incredible horror games in one polished package would be a great way for fans of the series to relive every terrifying necromorph run-in.

Manhunt HD
Considered one of the most grim, sadistic games of all time, Manhunt tasks players with stalking killers through dark, creepy environments that look like they're plucked straight out of The Warriors. James Earl Cash is a death-row inmate who must kill his way out of a sick, Saw-esque game set up and being recorded by a crazed film director. Atmosphere is arguably Manhunt's most important element, and giving the entire tense journey a makeover - from slummy trailer parks to an abandoned zoo to the director's mansion itself -  would help this important piece of video game horror history stand the test of time.

Condemned Remastered Collection
Long before Monolith Productions made the breakout hit Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor, the studio was a leader in the horror genre. Blood, F.E.A.R., and eventually the early 360 title Condemned: Criminal Origins thrust players into a gritty, intense first-person nightmare. The combat strongly emphasized brutal melee encounters where you could feel the impact of every deliberate blow. The game and its sequel both looked great at the time, but they'd both benefit greatly from a texture makeover and more detailed character models to make the dirty vagrant killers look even more disgusting. Plus, if the theoretical HD collection did well, maybe we'd be lucky enough to see a sequel happen.

Eternal Darkness HD
Dennis Dyack's spiritual (spooooky!) successor to cult GameCube hit Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem is in development, so there's no better time for a revamped version of the original. As a horror fan who admittedly never finished Eternal Darkness, I'd love to experience the entirety of this classic in full HD. Eternal Darkness is a bit more colorful and stylized compared to genre juggernauts like Resident Evil and Silent Hill, but the fourth wall-breaking shenanigans (toying with the volume, corrupt save data messages) would be better experienced while playing with a crisper presentation.

Honorable Mentions:We'd also really like to see a HD version of Fatal Frame II: Crimson Butterfly and a remake of the original Silent Hill games, free of bugs.

What other horror games would you like to see remastered or remade?