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Test Chamber – Middle-earth: Shadow Of Mordor - Lord Of The Hunt DLC

by Tim Turi on Dec 16, 2014 at 03:45 PM

Monolith Productions' Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor impressed us when it released earlier this year. Fans of the game spent hours dismantling Uruks with gruesome kills and murdering their way to the top of the dynamic Nemesis System's ranks. By the end of the game, Talion is a wraith-infused killing machine that can handily dispatch and recruit packs of Uruks. Unfortunately, the bleak land of Mordor's available quests dry up after so many hours, and Talion is left with no Uruks to terrorize. Thankfully, the new Lord of the Hunt DLC is here to refresh your bloody to-do list.

The Lord of the Hunt DLC explores a version of Talion who has further developed his knack for dominating animals and using them to help take out his enemies. This heavily bearded version of Talion can now call on the new, stealthier Caragoths to sneak up on an maul unsuspecting goons. Additionally, the dwarf hunter Torvin's role is expanded and the two spend time together hunting down a fresh selection of nasty, beast-riding Warchiefs. 

Join Andrew Reiner, Ben Reeves, and myself as we take the new DLC for a literal ride in the episode below:

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