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Four Teaser Trailers That Did Exactly What They Were Supposed To

by Kyle Hilliard on Nov 30, 2014 at 01:25 PM

With the Star Wars teaser trailer continuing to make the rounds online (and being mercilessly spoofed), it prompts me to think of some of the teasers for video games I am most excited to learn more about.

These are the recent teasers that drip-fed just the right amount of information to make me excited to learn more, while revealing very little.

The Legend of Zelda Wii U
Showcased at this year's E3 a few months ago, the Zelda Wii U teaser is rife with mystery and imagery worth getting excited about. Aside from the game looking beautiful at this early stage, there is a lot going on in the landscape, and Link appears to have plasma weapons. I'm sure it will be some time before we learn more about the next new console Zelda release, but that doesn't mean this teaser makes me any less excited.

Every opportunity I have to bring up the game Limbo, I eagerly share my appreciation for the puzzle platformer that Playdead released in 2010. It's one of my favorite games, and Inside's reveal at E3 was, for me, one of the show's highlights. What is happening in this world? Is it a separate world from Limbo? What has transpired to create this terrifying, oppressive universe?

Prey 2
Bethesda confirmed Prey 2's cancellation, which was disappointing. Prey may not have aged particularly well, but I really like the world it established, and I was looking forward to seeing beyond the events of the alien ship featured in the game. Mostly, I am just curious what happened to the game and how far along the world and story had been developed. It's likely we will never learn more about Prey 2, but I hold out hope that someday the game may re-emerge. I also appreciate, in terms creating a compelling teaser, how the video below waits so long to reveal its Prey connection.

The Last Guardian
I am convinced at this point that Sony doesn't even know what is happening with this game. Some days its cancellation seems assured. The next, Sony insists development is moving forward. I think there is a small group quietly working on the game in an unmarked office that is not connected to the Internet and only its employees know the address. Whatever the case may be, the teaser remains a fantastic watch, and I hope to one day learn the game's fate.

What are some of your favorite teasers?