Replay – Super Smash Bros.

by Jeff Cork on Nov 22, 2014 at 02:00 AM

Super Smash Bros. has finally returned, and as you may have read, it's pretty darned good. To mark this occasion, the Replay crew decided to set their clocks back to 1999 and check out the original Nintendo 64 game that started it all. Have the visuals aged well? Is it still fun? Will the editors speak to one another once it's over? Check out this episode to learn the answers to these questions and more.

OK, fine. If you haven't dug up your N64 and played Smash lately, you're in for a pretty rude awakening. At least, that's what Reiner, Tim, Ben Hanson, and I thought at first. We eventually warmed up to it, but it's clear that the series has improved significantly over the years. In my defense, I need to work on my Yoshi. Maybe I should have stuck with Jigglypuff?

After the smashing, we decided to hit the road for another four-player game in our Roulette segment. Speaking of games that haven't aged well...

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