Comparing Far Cry 4 On The Old & New Systems

by Matthew Kato on Nov 19, 2014 at 10:32 AM

Everything you've seen so far regarding Far Cry 4 has been taken from the new-gen or PC versions of the game – a no-brainer when you want to show off the game in its best visual light. However, there will still be plenty of gamers getting the title on their Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3. If you're one of them, here's a look at what you're getting into.

Note: The footage from the video below was taken from the very beginning of the game. If you consider this spoiler territory, don't watch the video or read this story! The footage was taken from the Xbox One and PS3 versions of the game. Both allow you to adjust the brightness level to your liking.

Although the game's opening cutscenes looks similar between the two versions, once Ajay is taken prisoner and Pagan Min sits before him at the dinner table (about six minutes in), you can see that flapping banners have been added to the Xbox One edition that creates a real-time lighting effect on Min as he talks. In this cutscene in particular, you can also see differences in the versions' framerate, as well as a depth of focus used in the new-gen version. Once Ajay escapes Min's compound in the truck, more background details are evident in the chase scene, and it ends with a more fiery crash than on the PS3.

In general for the parts we played early in the game, loading was about five seconds shorter per load on the Xbox One, and there was obviously more texture detail and some added touches here and there. However, it appears that the gameplay beats were the same – including the lethal nature of driving a snowmobile off a cliff.

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To see the video in full resolution, 60 FPS, check it out on YouTube on a Chrome browser.

Thanks to video editor Wade Wojcik for the comparison!