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Final Fantasy VII And The Oddity Of Shinra Technologies

by Ben Hanson on Nov 17, 2014 at 07:59 AM

Two months ago Square Enix announced that they were forming a new subsidiary with a focus on cloud gaming called Shinra Technologies. The internet was confused. Why would Square Enix name a company after the evil corporation they created for Final Fantasy VII? Did they realize how bizarre it is that a company called Shinra is partnering with a studio named Avalanche? We swung by the Shinra Technologies office (currently located within Avalanche Studios, which is busy developing Just Cause 3) and spoke to senior vice president of business Jacob Navok to get the full story on how Final Fantasy VII's lore is invading a very serious business.

Watch the video below to hear a very dorky discussion about Final Fantasy VII, or click here to learn more about the company's ambitious vision for the future of cloud gaming.