Sharing Is Coming To SolForge

by Daniel Tack on Nov 03, 2014 at 04:05 AM

In the world of digital card games, how trading is handled is always an interesting topic of discussion. Some games, like Hearthstone, eschew trading completely and handle the question with card destruction and crafting, while others like Magic: The Gathering Online handle things in a more traditional fashion. Stone Blade Entertainment’s SolForge is targeting mid-November for a new sharing system that we’ve got the exclusive details on.

With the sharing system, players can share a copy of a card with another player, which will make both copies of the card unsharable. If you’re looking to make your friend’s top tier deck card for card, that player could share an entire playset of the card. This would result in both sets of the card becoming unsharable from that point out, but it essentially makes it so that any card out in the wild can actually act as two functional, playable copies of the card.

All cards purchased with gold are sharable, and this system will make creation of certain decks much easier. Collection hunters will also find that the sharing feature makes obtaining some of the harder to track down rare cards to be much more painless. Since players actually aren’t giving up their own copy of the card, this feature will encourage social sharing and friends coming together to build up decks and collections.

Each card may only be gifted once, and can be gifted to any player in your friends list. With this function nearly doubling the available pool of cards online, things should get much more interesting in both competitive and casual SolForge as players begin sharing their loot.