The Five Coolest Looking Weapons In Destiny

by Matt Miller on Oct 26, 2014 at 10:00 AM

Destiny players love to debate the pluses and minuses of their favorite exotic weapons. Should you level Patience and Time or Ice Breaker first? Which assault rifle rules the roost in Crucible play? Today, we take a step back from the stats, and look at which weapons simply look awesome.


5. Suros Regime

One prevailing opinion is that Surus Regime is the best auto rifle in the game, and a big part of its appeal is its futuristic look. Almost as if it was pulled out of fellow sci-fi hit Mass Effect, Suros Regime has a clean, bright aesthetic that is hard to beat. Not nearly as fancy or overdone as many of the other weapons on our list, Suros Regime wins a spot for being the classic gun we want to hold in our hands in a game set hundreds of years in the future.

4. Gjallarhorn

The excellent rocket launcher draws its name from the mythical Norse horn blown at the onset of Ragnarok. The beautiful inlay and sculpture work shows off a fearsome wolf head, and makes Gjallarhorn the most intricate and classically artistic weapon in the game. We also love how the whole thing looks like you’re using an ancient Greek pillar to blast heavy ordnance into alien attackers.

3. Vex Mythoclast

The longed-for Vex Mythoclast has spent recent weeks in a state of flux, as the developers at Bungie struggle to readjust the massive power of the primary weapon. But there’s no denying the beauty of the curving lines and alien architecture of the fusion rifle. Whether observed in profile on the back of a proud guardian in the Tower, or viewed down its distinct, red-tinged scope, the Mythoclast is a sight to behold.

2. Bad Juju

Earned through a taxing exotic bounty quest that can only be picked up by random chance, the pulse rifle called Bad Juju has suffered criticism for being underpowered (mostly because of clip size) compared to some of the other available exotic weapons. That’s too bad, because the weapon looks menacing and dangerous. The skull near the barrel and the spiny outgrowths along the its back make Bad Juju look like a skeletal dragon about to breathe death onto your foes. That effect is only enhanced once you equip the rifle, as a plume of green and black smoke endlessly emits from the barrel. 

1. Thorn

The hand cannon called Thorn isn’t as intricate as Gjallarhorn, or as darkly ominous as Bad Juju, but its strange protrusions and warped shape make it mysterious and oddly organic. The twisting gear-like cylinder adds to the alien nature of the one-handed weapon, which looks like it’s drawn halfway from a gritty futuristic setting, and half from an elven fantasy story. Staring down the barrel, it’s unlike any other weapon in Destiny, and wins our current nomination for coolest looking weapon. 


Destiny’s expansions are sure to deliver more weapons, but these are our current choices. Did your favorite get left off the list? How would you re-rank our selections? Share your choice for Destiny’s coolest weapons in the comments below. 

[Special thanks to the Destiny Wikia for images of each of our chosen exotic weapons. For more you can check out a full listing of exotic weapons in the game.]