test chamber

Test Chamber – The First Hour Of The Evil Within

by Daniel Tack on Oct 13, 2014 at 06:04 PM

The next chapter of survival horror from Shinji Mikami has arrived. You should probably go check out our review here, but you can also watch Daniel Tack, Andrew Reiner, and Wade Wojcik play through a full hour in this episode of Test Chamber!

There are plenty of horrible plays and delicious bloopers to enjoy as we move through the first chapter and dig into the second, and as it's only the first few portions of the game things are fairly light when it comes to spoilers. Alternatively, you can wait and tackle the first part of the game yourself and then come back to watch me unearth some serious scares and unsettling atmosphere in just one hour of play.

I also miss zombies at point blank range like a boss, because naturally I've become too reliant on the Destiny shotgun over the past few weeks.

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