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Six Barely Related Minifigs I’d Like To See In Lego Batman 3

by Kyle Hilliard on Oct 11, 2014 at 02:25 PM

The list of included minifgs for Lego Batman 3 is slowly creeping towards the severely out-of-hand side of crazy – not that we're complaining – but it has opened the door to some inclusions that might not be immediately apparent why they belong.

Adam West, talk show hosts, DC executives, and even people who happen to be generally outspoken about their appreciation for The Dark Knight are all being included in the game, so it shouldn't be too much of a stretch to hope these folks make an appearance, as well.

Michael Keaton
There is a scene in the recent Seth Rogan comedy Neighbors where he and co-star Zach Efron discuss who their version of Batman is based on their generation. For Efron's character, it's Christian Bale, but for Rogan's it's Michael Keaton. It is strangely a good way to identify a generational divide, and since the Lego games are all about adults playing games with their children, why not include Michael Keaton? There are plenty of different versions of and outfits for Batman in the game, so I don't want to see Michael Keaton and Tim Burton's Batman. Yet another Batman wouldn't do much to stand out. I want to see Michael Keaton, the actor, hopefully with a Beetlejuice costume.

Jack Nicholson
For many of the same reasons I would like to see Michael Keaton appear in Lego Batman 3, I would also like to see Jack Nicholson – the actor, not his take on the Joker. I don't think Nicholson has done much voice work, but this would be a good chance for him to try the medium out. As far as alternate costumes go, I would like to see Jake from Chinatown.

Image source: Ben Coombs

Christopher Nolan
Nolan is the director and mastermind behind the most recent Batman films, effectively reinvigorating the character and fueling his recent surge in popularity. In the grand scheme of Batman, he certainly deserves a place in Batman lore, and he is usually seen wearing a similar outfit, so his minifg could be quickly recognizable.

The Flaming C
On a visit to the Warner Bros. animation studio for a filmed segment, Conan O'Brien once crafted the super hero version of himself, The Flaming C, with the help of artist Bruce Timm. He wears fishnets, loafers, carries a Jai alai glove, and an oven mitt and he would fit right into Lego Batman 3. With Conan appearing in the game, I would be more surprised if The Flaming C didn't show up.

Orson Wells
This one is a huge stretch, but there is a rumor that Orson Welles (director of Citizen Kane) had intentions to make a Batman film back in the 1940s. It's very likely untrue, but the fact there is a very subtle and tangential line between Batman and the director is enough for me. I would love to play as Orson Welles in a Lego Batman game, if for no other reason than to be confusing and try to imagine what his version of Batman might have looked like.

Stan Lee
With my imaginary (and highly unlikely) suggestions, plus today's and other recently revealed characters, how could Traveller's Tales possibly surprise anyone? How about with the inclusion of what may be the last person anyone would ever expect to appear in a DC video game. We know Traveller's Tales already has his model and animations all prepared thanks to his inclusion in Lego Marvel Super Heroes, so getting him to Lego Batman 3 should be a pretty easy process – ignoring all the legal ad copyright ramifications, of course.