test chamber

Test Chamber – Destiny: Queen's Wrath

by Daniel Tack on Sep 23, 2014 at 09:14 AM

Destiny's latest event, The Queen's Wrath, will run until October 6th. During this event, there are new special bounties available that provide reputation towards a new vendor, and players earn trips to special missions from completing these bounties. These special missions drop unique legendary gear. You can do one mission for each Queen's bounty you complete. The mission pool seems to draw from any story mission, with a kill target as the goal and additional difficulty.

Join Daniel Tack, Matt Miller, Andy McNamara and "on during the day so let's bring him along" special guest Phil Kilbride and his magical Titan bubble as they take on one of the Queen's missions. If you've been frustrated with legendary drops, this is a great way to get some purples.

The new queen's emissary vendor can be found behind the bounty vendor, through doors that are now open.

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