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TGS Sidequest: Final Fantasy XIV's Eorzea Cafe

by Joe Juba on Sep 21, 2014 at 07:45 AM

As a fan of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, I was delighted to learn about a restaurant themed after the game in Tokyo. When we were in town covering TGS, I made sure that the Eorzea Cafe was one of our stops, but you don't need to be intimately familiar with the game to enjoy the atmosphere.  

This is the sign you see as you enter. The cafe isn't a standalone restaurant; it's more of a room in a larger complex of themed restaurants in Akihabara.

Of course, since it's based on a game, the restaurant has a gaming kiosk set up in case anyone gets the urge to log in to Final Fantasy XIV. 

The other parts of the decor blend into the environment better than a computer. Like the map on the wall...

...and of course the giant weapons hanging everywhere. But there even more than these three.

Let's just say that if some sort of fantasy brawl ever broke out in the Eorzea Cafe, the participants would be deadly and well-equipped.

Whoever designed this place did a good job capturing the vibe of the game. What these pictures can't convey is the soundtrack coming through the speakers, which adds an appropriately epic sense to the meal.

On the next page...less ambiance and more food.

They do have English menus available, so don't let the language barrier stop you if you have a chance to visit.

I'm not going to post pictures of the entire menu, but these two Primal-based entrees caught my eye. The Ifrit Pizza and the Titan Burger...kind of sad to see such mighty beasts reduced to mere menu items.

Some of the the drinks have a unique Final Fantasy twist, like glowing, or being served in a potion bottle.

Anytime you order something, you get one of these coaster-looking things that has a different image.

Okay, I know it took a while, but now we're at the best part: The food that looks like Final Fantasy things! Here's a look at an Ahriman, Cactuar, Mandragora, and Moogle, in that order:

While these items may not create the most delicious meal you've ever had (though it isn't bad), you don't go to a Final Fantasy restaurant for the fine cuisine. You go because the real fun of the experience is seeing how part of a game you love can be brought to life, and Eorzea Cafe definitely delivers on that front.

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