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TGS Sidequest: Dining At The Dragon Quest Restaurant

by Kimberley Wallace on Sep 21, 2014 at 10:45 AM

On my trip to Japan, one of my most anticipated stops was to Luida's Bar, a restaurant devoted to all things Dragon Quest, located in Roppongi. Luida's Bar is a small, quaint place where the spirit and essence of Dragon Quest is alive and kicking. It's like being in a tavern from the games. But before I get ahead of myself, I should warn those who want to visit: You should try to get a reservation ahead of time. It only seats about 20 people. The restaurant is tight on space, but it provides an intimate experience, like being able to watch the staff make the food devoted to popular monsters in the universe.

As you can see above, the restaurant isn't huge, but once we arrived, I couldn't wait to open the door and take in the atmosphere.

The bar is lit up with plenty of Dragon Quest-related drinks to buy.

This was the big drink they kept advertising. I didn't order it, but I at least wanted you to see what it was all about.

However, I may have tried this one. It looked delicious and it was. It actually tasted like a cross between wine and champagne. Stirring in the cream at the top made it all the better.

I took a picture of the spoon that came with it to show this place is all about Dragon Quest right down to the spoon. These are important details after all!

This cool sword display was behind where I sat. Right now, the restaurant is heavily promoting Dragon Quest X, probably due to its recent release on 3DS. Some more salt in the wound for me. After all, America never got to experience the Dragon Quest MMO. 

Hey, swords and shields are essential to Dragon Quest, so they're all around, too. Kind of makes me want to fight. Thank goodness, I have all these distractions around me.

This is the view from my seat of what's in front of me. Not a bad display to look at. 

Here's a better look at the chef preparing our food in front of us. We had some great seats. There were tables behind here to sit, but I liked seeing everything being made up close. The entire restaurant is standing room only, however. 

The restaurant may not be big, but Dragon Quest remnants are all around. 

Of course this extends to slimes in every nook and cranny! Praise the king slime!

You can even eat them! But we'll get more to that on page two!

Up next: We finally order the food! Click on the next page to see your favorite Dragon Quest monsters become edible. 

After listening to various Dragon Quest tracks to get in the full spirit, our food was finally ready. But before I get to that, I had to share this close-up of my coaster. I'm using the word ADORBS because it sure did earn it.

Remember how I said we'd be eating slimes? First off, this is a stuffed bread roll. Yep, that's right, it's full of meat. 

Next up, this hand tried to attack us, but we ate it before it could pull us into its mud (it actually tastes a lot like chili).

How could we say no? That's egg in the middle and the surrounding sauce has a spaghetti taste. 

Can I interest you in a Dragon Quest branded turkey leg? Something about eating this made me feel like Yangus from Dragon Quest VIII was cheering me on.

A bento box with a slime! Does it get any better than that? Oh wait, we still have dessert!

Get in my belly!

This dish is too adorable to eat. I don't know if I can do it....

I am a monster. I killed him... :(

We didn't see this on the menu, but it was at the bar as we left. I snapped a picture, so you didn't think I was forgetting anything.

All in all, I had a blast at Luida's Bar and recommend you check it out if you're ever in Tokyo. The food was surprisingly decent. Usually these types of restaurants are style over substance. I was pleasantly surprised, especially with the dessert and drinks. It also wasn't obscenely expensive. And better yet, you're surrounded by Dragon Quest and people who love it. I'd eat and drink to that. Oh wait, I did.

For more information, visit the official page for Luida's Bar.