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Our TGS Localization Wish List

by Kimberley Wallace on Sep 20, 2014 at 07:00 AM

The hardest part about visiting Tokyo Game Show is seeing tons of games that are only slated for release in Japan. Of course that doesn't mean these games won't eventually come to the West. In fact, most the time with big titles, it's pretty obvious that a North American announcement is in the future. We got hands-on time with a lot of interesting games this week. Here are our picks for what we hope eventually lands on our shores.

Bravely Second

North American fans fought hard for the opportunity to play Bravely Default, so much so that Nintendo stepped in and localized it. It looks like the fans knew what they were talking about, because not only did Bravely Default sell well, it was also met with plenty of praise. Now Square Enix is developing a sequel, Bravely Second, featuring Agnes from the first game. Square Enix made it known that they were impressed with how it did in the West, so we're hoping that gave them confidence in a North American release. From what we played, Bravely Second had everything you loved about the first game, still capitalizing on its intriguing brave/default turn-stocking system. This time around we noticed richer and prettier environments than before, and the beautiful hand drawn backgrounds still stand out. Needless to say, we don't want to miss out on another chance for more Bravely Default in all its turned-based glory. 

Phantasy Star Nova

It's always tough to turn down a game from veteran developer Tri-Ace (Valkyrie Profile, Star Ocean), and it looks like Phantasy Star Nova is going to be equally desirable.  Built on the classic foundation of Phantasy Star Portable, Nova features plenty of action-RPG slice-and-dice, gunplay, or magic-oriented combat. What separates it from its predecessors is that Nova is fast – combat is quick and engaging, although it still features the timed button presses from its predecessors. Our demo had us fighting a giant monster with a ton of weak points that needed to be exploited from every angle. We're hoping to find some friends to take these beasts down in English soon.

Final Fantasy Explorers

It seems like every big franchise is trying to take a bite of the Monster Hunter pie, and Final Fantasy is no exception. Explorers certainly isn't as methodical as Capcom's franchise, but the quest-oriented gameplay will be familiar to anyone who has picked up a Japanese action/RPG lately. Throw on top of that a job system, the ability to transform into classic Final Fantasy characters like Cloud and Squall, and the ability to play with your friends, and there's a ton to be excited for. Let's just hope Square Enix feels the same way about its American audience and this game.

Dai Gyakuten Saiban: Ryuunosuke Naruhodou no Bouken (Ace Attorney) 

We're big fans of the Ace Attorney series at Game Informer. We love the zany characters and tense courtroom trials, so seeing another one in the works is exciting. This time around, though, Ace Attorney is changing things up by going historical; it's set in feudal Japan. The game even makes its way to England with an appearance from Sherlock Holmes. Exploring history is fun in its own right and we're guessing Capcom has some pretty hilarious and interesting twists up its sleeves. We just hope Capcom doesn't think this game is too inaccessible for North American audiences. As long as the characters stack up to past entries and we have some courtroom tweaks, we'll be happy campers.

Dragon Quest Heroes

Dragon Quest Heroes wasn't playable on the show floor, but more trailers were blasting throughout and it immediately caught our eye. The Dragon Quest series hasn't seen the level of success in North American as it has in Japan, but this title has potential. The action game is from Omega Force, the creators of Dynasty Warriors. Zelda just received the Dynasty Warriors treatment with Hyrule Warriors, and we thought it was pretty fun. Fighting through waves of iconic Dragon Quest enemies just makes Dragon Quest Heroes all the more appealing. The series has some of the most imaginative monsters, after all. Even better? It's coming to PS4. 

Tales of the World Reve Unitia

We didn't have any idea this game existed until Tokyo Game Show. While we didn't get hands-on with it, a Tales strategy/RPG sounds amazing. This 3DS title also features many different characters across the Tales universe. One thing that's been missing lately is a glut of strategy/RPGs, and last year's Fire Emblem: Awakening proved they can still be exciting and done well. I'm in if the battles are fun... and for the fanservice, of course. Not many franchises do character interactions quite like Tales. 

Which games are on your localization wishlist?