You Against The World – The Top Games Where You're Outnumbered

by Jeff Cork on Sep 18, 2014 at 12:02 PM

While it's true that not every game is about letting players live out their power fantasies, it's certainly an extremely popular theme. We don't always feel like we're in charge of our lives as we slog through our days, which is why it's cathartic to plug in and mow down legions of bad guys. In honor of Hyrule Warriors' upcoming release, we've compiled a list of games that pit you against entire armies – and give you the tools to take 'em out.

To make things a little more interesting (and to keep them from absolutely dominating the list), I decided to exclude Koei Tecmo's various "Warriors" games. If you just want to kill lots of dudes, you can't go wrong with Dynasty Warriors, Samurai Warriors, Warriors Orochi, One Piece: Pirate Warriors, Dynasty Warriors: Gundam, Bladestorm: The Hundred Years' War, Hyrule Warriors, or any of their offshoots. Whew! 

Smash TV
This arcade shooter put you in the role of a contestant on a futuristic game show. Unfortunately for your safety, you aren't rewarded for your trivia prowess or ability to correctly price items. Instead, you earn toasters, cash prizes, and more by blasting apart robots, mutants, and swarms of other hostiles in arenas. The twin-stick shooter came from the mind of Eugene Jarvis, creator of Robotron: 2084, and it remains a highlight of arcade co-op. 

Ninety-Nine Nights
Q Entertainment's hack-and-slash game was an early example of the Xbox 360's power. It borrowed heavily from Koei Tecmo's musei games, but its fantasy themes gave it an identity all its own. The sequel was a disappointment, but we'll always have the first game. For all its bombastic action, it managed to pack in a few poignant moments – including the story of Vigk Vagk, a powerful troll who wasn't the warmongering monster he seemed.

Heavenly Sword
Nariko was a powerful warrior, and the game's titular weapon only enhanced her abilities. King Bohan and his hordes of foul followers didn't stand a chance against her blade techniques. It's no surprise that people are still talking about the PlayStation 3 game seven years after it released.

Call of Duty 3
If you've played a Call of Duty game, you know this situation: You're hunkered down near a building, and a stream of enemy soldiers steadily trickles out. If you don't forge on, that barn, greenhouse, or shack will continue to barf out cannon fodder for as much time as you have. Get a move on, soldier! Or don't, and let off some steam.

EDF 2025
Aliens are generally bad news in video games, and the EDF series adds another disgusting layer. Not only are you fighting invaders from space, but many of your enemies come in the form of giant spiders, wasps, ants, and other creepy crawlies. Fortunately for you, there's an arsenal of collectible weapons waiting for you in crates throughout the world. It's a bug hunt of epic proportions, and the infestation has undoubtedly been too much for some squeamish players.

Diablo III
The most recent editions of the game reward players for playing aggressively, running into large groups of enemies to keep kill combos going. The world of Sanctuary has a misleading name, since the only respite you'll find comes after clearing the immediate area of monsters. There are always more where they came from, too.

Dead Rising
You didn't think I could make a list like this without mentioning Dead Rising, did you? Capcom's game remains one of the best us-versus-them experiences out there. The zombie-slaying action is amplified by the ability to use virtually anything that's not nailed down as a weapon. You might not have the Master Sword or a gigantic club, but you can always bang zombie skulls apart with frying pans or your bare hands.

Onechanbara: Bikini Samurai Squad
Is it a great game? Not really. It's probably more on the "guilty" end than the "pleasure" side, but Onechanbara is another one to check out if all you're looking for is a platform for mindlessly slaughtering equally mindless enemies. The screen-filling blood effects really drive home the mayhem, even though you'll feel like a tool if anyone walks in while you're playing it.

Grand Theft Auto IV
You can kill time outside the storyline in a GTA game obeying the traffic laws and being a relatively decent citizen, but where's the fun in that? Everyone knows that every gameplay session should end in a rampage, with reckless driving, rocket-launching mayhem, and a maxed-out wanted level. Sure, you'll end up in jail (in the best case) or walking out of the ER, but those are only temporary setbacks.

Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved 2
In Bizarre Creations' masterpiece, you can annihilate just about everything on the screen besides your score. It might seem hopeless – you're just a tiny, lone ship – but you're faster, smarter, and deadlier than any of those other shapes. Get out there and prove it!

What are your favorite games that pit you against the world? Did we miss any? Let us know in the comments!