tgs 2014

The Wondrous Sights Of TGS 2014 – Day One

by Kimberley Wallace on Sep 18, 2014 at 07:00 AM

Tokyo Game Show opened its doors to the press today and we were right there to capture the action. Plenty of interesting artifacts, cosplayers, and games were on display. Being a huge fan of the Japanese video game scene, I had to take some pictures to share the amazing experience.

The show began with Joe getting way too excited about having his picture with the E.D.F. guys. And Joe was never heard from again...

Just follow the slime, and you'll find your way to the Square Enix booth.

And maybe you'll find the coolest PS4 ever. 

Obligatory Hatsune Miku shot. After all, this vocaloid is Japan's biggest star. This situation is a little weird, though. We have one Hatsune Miku that looks like an anime character, while another looks human. Which is she?! I I must know the truth.

I was delighted to see the new Ace Attorney on display.

I was even more delighted to find this packed line. Now we just need Capcom to bring it out West. PLEASE!

Spotted: The Inquisitor. Dragon Age: Inquisition takes over Japan.

This is hands down the BEST item that was on display to buy. Repede is cool on his own, but now you can be just like him. 

I have an interesting story about this. This is a boys love game....

This is a cool group of women who cosplay as the guys from the boys love game.  

Sonic might be a little perplexed by that last story.

Square games have some of the best music around. In case you forgot, here's a reminder why.

Are you excited for a new Tales game? I totally am!

Zestiria's leading lady!

I'm about to geek out on Phantasy Star...

How could I not?!

You were warned about the Phantasy Star love coming...

It looks like some trends have made it over to Japan. Sigh.

Gossip Girl has made it into the "Romance Simulation" section at the show. These guys were taking pictures and saying sweet nothings to those who wanted to experience being romanced by a man from the upper East side.

Battlefield was smoking for better or worse...

And it looks like Oculus has Japan's interest. I like how one of the demos is an anime dance game.

We'll keep posting interesting photos throughout the show, so keep checking back!