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Come Play Destiny With Us As We Livestream All Day

by Mike Futter on Sep 09, 2014 at 07:02 AM

Update: Our Destiny streaming event has come to an end. Thanks for watching!

Original Story: We began our journey among the stars yesterday, and now the solar system is filled with Guardians. We’re going to be livestreaming all day today, and we want you to come and play with us.

Previews editor Matt Miller, news editor Mike Futter (PSN ID: PaladinXII), and senior editor Jeff Cork (PSN ID: Traintruction) will be taking on the forces of the Darkness throughout the day. If you happen to be stuck away from your console, you can still participate by watching us on Twitch at and

Feel free to jump in and say hi or join us for a dance. We’ll see you among the stars.