Test Chamber – Destiny

by Jeff Cork on Sep 08, 2014 at 07:23 AM

Bungie's long-awaited MMO shooter Destiny comes out tomorrow, and we've got a rundown of the game's opening moments. You may have seen some of this during the alpha, but it's your chance to check out what's changed for the final release.

Reiner and I start from the beginning, from creating a character to taking on the first few missions. I gather some loot along the way, meet a few people, and demonstrate why hand cannons are the best weapons in the known galaxy. We only scratch the surface. Stay tuned throughout the week for livestreams and loads more content on the game.

This isn't the second time we've done a test chamber on the game. For a look at how the game was during its alpha, you can see our earlier video hosted by Matt Miller.

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