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Question Of The Month Reader Responses: Issue #257

by Jeff Marchiafava on Aug 05, 2014 at 11:55 AM

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In issue 255, we asked readers which video game character has the best outfit and why. Assassin’s Creed’s leading men were popular picks, as was a certain sharp-dressed ape. Here are some of the responses.

Dressed To Kill:

  • I am going to say Altaïr from the first Assassin’s Creed. He has the original iconic assassin outfit, and the white-and-red color scheme is still around to this day, as well as the beaked hood that I personally love so much. It's a fairly simple outfit, but with a lasting and visually attractive appearance.

    Finn Smith
  • Altair Ibn'La-Ahad of the original Assassin's Creed and Assassin's Creed Revelations definitely has the best outfit. It's simple, yet it has a certain level of mysteriousness to it. It also allows him to blend into a group of scholars even with the sword on his hip along with the shortblade throwing knives on his back.

    Thomas Hammons
  • Definitely Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad. His outfit may not be the coolest ever, but it started the beautiful, elegant line of Assassin costumes throughout the rest of the series. It was a revolutionary uniform, giving Altaïr the crown for the best outfit in video games. 

    Ayden King
  • What video game character has the best outfit? Shouldn't that be obvious? It couldn't be anyone other than Ezio Auditore da Firenze. Ezio's outfit makes him look like a total bad-ass, without standing out too much. He has a hood to conceal his face, and a cape to conceal his right hand, allowing him to prepare for an assassination without being detected. He also has space for enough items to make even Link jealous: a bandolier of throwing knives, a quiver of arrows, sheathes for both his sword and dagger, bomb pouches, as well as wherever he puts those various letters and documents.

    Narus Ferree

Formal Ape Apparel:

  • I hold this truth to be self-evident, that the video game character with the best outfit is Donkey Kong.

    Bobby Miller
  • I think Donkey Kong has the best outfit because there have been many video game characters in the past who don't wear clothes, but for Donkey Kong, it's apparent that whoever thought of his outfit wants you to know that he's naked except for his tie. They want you to think about it every time you see him. Wearing a tie while naked is like a sexual icon, especially back in the days when Donkey Kong was created. All other Donkey Kong characters wear some sort of clothing that's a lot less revealing than just a tie. I don't know what kind of message Donkey Kong is trying to send, but it's definitely an inappropriate one...

    Nik Pierce
  • I think Donkey Kong has the best outfit because his tie represents his name and it's cool how an ape who lives in the jungle and punches and hops on animals can get formal wear.

    Nizar Mohammad

The Latest In Space Marine Fashion:

  • Master Chief and his MJOLNR armor! Not only does it heighten his already superhuman senses and movement, but it also has a radar, support for different armor abilities/equipment, energy shielding, and a place for him to store any digital companions of his.

    Kenny Mogauro
  • I have always considered Master Chief's armor to be the best outfit. Heavy, yes, but it turns him into a virtual superhuman. He runs like the Flash, jumps like Superman, and borrows the helmet from Doomguy. Classic.

    Jacob Appelbaum
  • The video game character with the best outfit has to go to Master Chief. Over the ten years that Master Chief has been around, his green armor has not changed. When other characters see him in the game, they know exactly who he is and fight behind him. He can even stick Cortana inside his helmet. But most of all, Master Chief's outfit keeps everyone from knowing who he truly is, besides the fact that his name is John.

    William Sutton

A Good Point:

  • I think the video game character that has the best outfit is Ellie from The Last of Us, because she's one of the only female characters whose outfit isn't ridiculous or oversexualized.

    Angie Bernard

Another Good Point:

  • Link has the best outfit, because his getup somehow manages to make a Wee Willie Winkie hat look bad-ass.

    Leo Morales-Egizi

More Is Less:

  • After much thought, I would have to say Kratos from the God of War series. Sure, he's basically wearing nothing but a Greek kilt and sandals, but it helps to show how strong and bad-ass Kratos truly is. When you can pull out a cyclops's eye with nothing but your bare hands, no one should mess with you.

    Patrick Villegas
  • Three words. Bayonetta. Hair suit. 'Nuff said.

    Michael Bowling

Deadly In Pink:

  • You asked about best outfit, and Pagan Min from Far Cry 4 will probably take that spot. Just look at the man! I've seen him twice (both in last month's issue) and I love the costume. So flamboyant, so manly, so pink! I LAWV IT!

    Christian Dorny

Razzle Dazzle:

  • My pick is Raz from Psychonauts. With the striped shirt, leather jacket, and big goggles, he’d fit right in with the hipster crowd…assuming his backpack is filled with some PBR and Luckies.

    Derek Taylor

Fallout Fashion:

  • The protagonists of the Fallout games. Whether it's a utilitarian Vault jumpsuit or a suit of Advanced Power Armor, they cruise the wasteland in style.

    David Toyofuku

What video game character do you think has the best outfit? Share your pick in the comments section below.