Chronicles - Dota 2, 2,000 Hours Later

by Daniel Tack on Jul 11, 2014 at 09:45 AM

With this year's International tournament breaking $10 million, Dota 2 and the ARTS genre continue to climb in popularity on the PC. While the title can present players with a high learning curve, the frenetic team vs. team gameplay can be immensely rewarding.

With multiple game modes to dive into and endless hero interactions, things remain intense match after match, game after game. I've sunk well over 2,000 hours into the game over the years and while I may take a break for days or weeks, always seem to return for one more round as a ghoulish knight on borrowed time or a misshapen tombstone-dropping aberration.

No game ever plays out quite the same, and the heated team battles and precise coordination involved have made it one of the most watchable eSports. Join Daniel Tack and Benjamin Reeves as they play through a full match of Dota 2 in this episode of Chronicles!