Replay – Manhunt

by Jeff Cork on Jun 07, 2014 at 03:00 AM

Rockstar's Manhunt courted controversy with its ultraviolent content and snuff-film aesthetic. Now that some time has passed since its 2003 release, the question remains: Is it still fun, or just kind of gross? Reiner, Tim, Ben Hanson, and I are here to try and provide answers in the latest episode of Replay.

Tim hasn't played the game since its release, but he gets right back into the flow. Within minutes, he's hiding in shadows and shanking faces like a pro. It's a testament to his gaming prowess, and also perhaps an indicator of how his calm and pleasant exterior masks a gorehound superfreak. 

Be sure and stay around for the Roulette, too. Believe it or not, Reiner alludes to its potential Super Replay candidacy!

Manhunt isn't for the squeamish, so keep that in mind before you hit play

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