It's Time For E3 Bingo

by Joe Juba on Jun 06, 2014 at 09:15 AM

What will happen during the E3 press conferences is anyone's guess. Every year, we see big surprises amid the sales figures and awkwardly scripted banter. What announcements will make headlines? What familiar faux pas will play out on stage? Using our E3 Bingo card, you can track the events and play along at home.

It's easy: Just download the card, and mark off the reveals, quotes, and appearances as they happen during the press conferences. You can watch all of them on our E3 Live page; Microsoft, EA, Ubisoft, and Sony are on Monday, while the Nintendo Direct (which is essentially a press conference in all but name) is on Tuesday morning.

If you can mark off five squares in a row (horizontal, vertical, or diagonal), you win! Your prize is the right to call yourself "E3 Champion" all year long.

Click to image to enlarge. To download, save this file.