Seven Key Moments From This Week's Big Trailers

by Kyle Hilliard on May 25, 2014 at 02:04 PM

The previous week showcased a surprising number of big trailers for big games, and we've pulled key moments from a few of them.

Hulk parallel parks in Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes
The latest trailer for Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes is surprisingly serious. It shows members of The Avengers taking on the troublesome Loki who has taken a cue from Batman and Robin and decided to freeze the world. At the end though, there is a handy reminder that Marvel Super Heroes is fully capable of silliness – which is good news.

Too many Hitlers in Sniper Elite 3
The Grey Wolf mission is not part of Sniper Elite 3's main game. Instead, it's a DLC pack where you have to take out Hitler, and you have to make sure you take out the right Hitler. The whole trailer is basically a build-up to this moment, and it pays off well.

You're definitely going to Mordor in Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor
We shouldn't have been surprised to see Mordor in the trailer for Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor. The game's title has the word Mordor in it. Despite this though, the new story trailer for the game's closing moments still stand out as an exciting teaser for what's to come.

Head to page two for key moments from the Batman: Arkham Knight gameplay trailer.

Driving up the walls in Batman: Arkham Knight and taking on Arkham Knight
The new trailer for Batman: Arkham Knight is full of Batman doing cool things in and out of Batmobile, but this short clip stood out the most. It's a clear qualifier that we should expect some physics-defying craziness in Arkham Knight, and I cant wait.

Aside from the Batmobile shenanigans, the new trailer also ends strongly implicating that this Arkham Knight character may get the best of Batman. I can't imagine this will be the end of the Dark Knight, but the trailer's final moments are enough to make me very curious what's in store.

Bringing your pets along for the hunt in Evolve and playing as a robot
Evolve's increasingly expanding classes all have interesting innovations, but many still fit into molds and carry weapons we've seen in shooters with multiple classes. To learn about Maggie though, and her pet Daisy was surprising. The nightmare version of Yoshi looks like she will be a worthy and helpful companion.

The other exciting revelation from the most recent Evolve trailer? You can play as a yellow-colored robot with a British accent who can remove his head and fire long-range homing missiles. He's the C3PO of the Evolve universe and he sounds awesome.

What big moments stood out to you among this week's big trailers?