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How To Unlock More Game Modes In Wolfenstein: The New Order

by Matt Bertz on May 23, 2014 at 09:30 AM

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Wolfenstein: The New Order is one of the rare first-person shooters that eschews shoehorning multiplayer or co-op into its package in favor of a concentrated single-player campaign. That being the case, developer Machine Games needed to create other ways to increase the game’s replay value. Enter enigma codes.

By finding these collectibles throughout the various levels of the campaign, you are inching closer to unlocking new modifiers that alter the single-player experience. Once you procure all of the enigma codes, you can enter these codes in the menus to complete this optional objective. Here are the four new modes: 


999 Mode

By solving the first enigma puzzle, you unlock a new modifier that grants BJ Blazkowitz unlimited ammo and grenades. Players also start with 999 overcharged health. But there’s a catch – you’ll be playing on Uber difficulty.

Enigma Code #1:




Walk in the Park Mode

Solving the second enigma puzzle grants you access to this modifier that removes all the HUD elements on your screen except vital prompts. Sounds like a great way to take in the sights and sounds, right? Well, remember to duck all the oncoming bullets because you’ll have to survive the I Am Death Incarnate difficulty.

Enigma Code #2:




Hardcore Mode

Crack the third enigma code and you can test your mettle with a vicious mode that removes all health and armor pickups for a playthrough on Uber difficulty. Godspeed, you crazy ***.

Enigma Code #3:




Ironman Mode

If hardcore mode is too casual for you, we have two suggestions. First, get your head examined. Once your doctor permits you back into society, solve the fourth enigma code and dive into this mode that gives you one life to complete the game on Uber difficulty.

Enigma Code #4:




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