Replay – Castlevania: Legacy Of Darkness

by Andrew Reiner on May 17, 2014 at 03:00 AM

A few years back, Replay fans watched in horror as Tim Turi, Game Informer's resident Dracula enthusiast, struggled mightily to play Castlevania 64, a game he remembered fondly from his childhood. Today, we're hoping to destroy another one of Tim's memories with a deep dive into Castlevania: Legacy of Darkness, another game that he played the hell out of in his prepubescent years.

Released exclusively for Nintendo 64 on November 30, 1999, Legacy of Darkness takes place eight years before the events in Castlevania 64, and is seen through the eyes of a peculiar lead: a werewolf named Cornell. His adventure gets off to a hell of a start. We work our way through a village engulfed in flames and overrun with dreaded rooftop skeletons, and come across a familiar (giant) foe who we end up battling far too many times thanks to Tim's ability to die practically everywhere.

Our second game is deserving of its own Replay episode, but we really couldn't think of another game with a boat that doesn't sink. Enjoy the show, folks! We'll see you next Saturday for another episode.

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