Grind Time: The RPG Show: Episode 1 – Persona

by Kimberley Wallace on May 08, 2014 at 10:35 AM

Update: Did you miss our first episode? We've got you covered. We've included the full episode below. 

Original Story: I fell in love with role-playing games when I was young, and my devotion hasn’t faded. I love playing them, and I love interacting with community members and hearing their thoughts on beloved franchises and the genre as a whole. During various live streams and Replay chatter, I’ve seen others pine the same way, asking for more discussion and RPG streams. Your enthusiasm hasn’t been ignored. Therefore, once a month we’re going to have a live show devoted to certain franchises and topics in the RPG universe. We’ll look back and forward, wax nostalgic, discuss the state of the genre, and mostly just share our passion about why we’ve been drawn to certain games. 

This show is just as much about the community and hearing your thoughts, so we’ll be taking questions and noting interesting observations made by viewers along the way. I’ll be hosting, but we’ll also have special guests and cycle in different staff members to join the conversation each episode.

Our first episode debuted live yesterday May 7 and focused on Atlus’ Persona franchise. We played through parts of Persona 3 and 4, discussed our favorite moments, the franchise’s pull, and its future. Check out the video below.