The Return Of Varric In Dragon Age: Inquisition

by Kimberley Wallace on May 06, 2014 at 01:00 PM

Ever since I spotted Varric in the first Dragon Age: Inquisition trailer, I’ve been excited for his return to Thedas. His jokes, tall tales, and loyalty made him my favorite party member in Dragon Age II. Sure, the rogue might be prone to embellishing the truth, but you know that he has your back. Bringing him back is a smart move on BioWare’s part, since his story has so much room to develop. We’ve seen the comedic side to Varric, but there have been hints at a hidden depth and a darker past. 

I'm excited to be reunited with Varric for so many different reasons, but I broke down the areas where he’s likely to make the biggest impact in Dragon Age: Inquisition.

He’ll Tell Good Stories

This is a given. Varric is a storyteller. BioWare had good reason to make him relay Hawke’s exploits to Cassandra. We learn early on that Varric enjoys exaggeration, delighting in romanticizing heroics. He also loves to throw in a touch of sarcasm. So while you can’t trust everything he says, his words are always entertaining. 

Varric’s eccentric tales are a highlight of Dragon Age II. He’s had some more time to travel since the end of Dragon Age II. This means he should have a fresh stock of new stories to tell in Dragon Age: Inquisition. Hearing Varric tell one of his wild stories is endearing; you know he’s embellishing them and some may be straight-up lies, but he tells them in such a charming, nonsensical way that it doesn’t even matter.

Will The Loyal Soul Have Your Back?

Varric always had Hawke’s back in Dragon Age II, whether or not he agreed with your choices. In fact, he stands by you no matter if you side with the Templars or mages. He always saw Hawke as his buddy, and would defend his friend without hesitation. This will be interesting in Dragon Age: Inquisition as he gets to know the Inquisitor. The stakes are higher this time around, and the choices will be grander. The Inquisitor must put an end to the chaos surrounding the breach, but will you choose change and rebirth or tradition and order? 

While Varric loves blackmail and deception, he hates the abuse of power. Seeing how he reacts to your choices will be exciting, especially considering he could have changed since we last saw at the end of Dragon Age II. After all, circumstances in life often shape us and we’re not sure what he’s been up to. So while he was extremely loyal to Hawke, he may not have the same relationship with the Inquisitor. We don’t know how Varric will embrace a new face, and it’s obvious that the Inquisitor has a lot to live up to after Hawke. Maybe it will take some time for him to completely warm up to you, or maybe he has ulterior motives for working with the Inquisitor. This is an interesting angle for BioWare to explore. Obviously, you want Varric on your side because deep down, you just know Varric is a good soul and his loyalty is bound to be beneficial. 

A Past Begging For More Exploration

I’ve always thought there’s more to Varric than meets the eye. He’s someone who never really found his place – running from tavern to tavern, seeking adventure to boast about – but behind all that storytelling, there’s something else. In Dragon Age II, we heard about Bianca, Varric’s trusted crossbow, many times. When asked about its name, he says it involves a girl and a promise, but it’s a story he’ll never tell. If you think about this, it’s telling: The man who loves sharing stories is unable to tell one. 

Those who read the comic Dragon Age: Until We Sleep received a little bit more insight into the Bianca mystery, but we still haven’t seen its full impact on Varric. If he’s constantly carrying around this crossbow, he’s still very much connected to his past. Interestingly enough, this could be why Varric isn’t exactly searching for love. He’s flirty, but it never goes beyond that. Also, Varric seems to have a lot of life experience, from working with treacherous lowlifes to hanging out with the exclusive upper-class. Getting some insight into what made Varric the man he is today would be intriguing, and I’m hoping Dragon Age: Inquisition delves more into his past. 

The Banter King

Varric is the master of the one-liner and he has a barb for every occasion. Dragon Age: Inquisition has an expansive world, so it’s safe to say that your party members are going to be interacting a lot along the way. Exploring is fun, but Varric’s extra sass and jokes abound can keep your journeys from being humdrum. Even when people have a comeback for him, he just plays right into them with an even better jab about himself. In the end, he always wins and his comebacks are never malicious – just flat-out hilarious, like teasing Isabella about wanting to touch his chest hair. 

Varric and Cassandra didn’t exactly get along in Dragon Age II, and they are going to butt heads as they travel together in Inquisition. From what we’ve seen of Cassandra, she’s a no-nonsense type and I could see Varric’s playfulness getting under her skin. Remember, Varric liked to tease so much that in Dragon Age II, he gave the majority of his companions funny nicknames, like calling Anders “Blondie.” With new party members to mock, Varric is going to have a field day and I can’t wait to see the banter unfold. 

Coming into a new game, Varric’s role is set to expand, and BioWare has a chance to not only give us more of what we love about Varric, but also take his character in new directions. I’m sure fans will come out of Inquisition with plenty of Varric stories of their own. You know he wouldn’t have it any other way. 

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Are you excited for Varric’s return? What do you think he will add to Dragon Age: Inquisition?