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A Closer Look At The Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare Trailer

by Dan Ryckert on May 04, 2014 at 06:59 AM

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Note: You might want to have the Advanced Warfare trailer up in a separate window while you read this story. Click here to see it.

If you’ve been on the Internet over the past few days, you’re probably aware of a couple of stories revolving around the next Call of Duty. One is the leaked trailer, which hit the Internet on Thursday night. The other is that Advanced Warfare is our cover story for the June issue of Game Informer magazine. While the trailer offers a tiny taste of the futuristic warfare the final game will contain, our 12-page cover story contains far more information about what will surely be one of the year’s biggest games. That said, the trailer contains several hints of what to expect. We’ve watched it numerous times, and we’ve broken down some of the most important information you can get out of it.

At the forefront of the trailer is the futuristic tech on display. Most notable is the exoskeleton (which Sledgehammer abbreviates as EXO) attached to numerous characters, seemingly on both sides of the conflict. At the 1:13 mark in the trailer, the action is from the player’s perspective as he jumps onto a speeding car, punches through its roof, and effortlessly throws an enemy into a pillar. During the Golden Gate Bridge sequence, you can see a group of enemies jump onto vehicles with EXO suits similar to the player at 1:37.

Speaking of the Golden Gate Bridge, there’s clearly something catastrophic occurring on the landmark. The destruction begins at the 1:17 mark, but a clue as to what caused it is shown at 1:34. Numerous flying drones burst out of the back of a van, and you can see them fly towards the bridge’s supports. They detonate, which leads to the insane and chaotic collapse.

Scattered throughout the trailer are glimpses of the EXO suit’s abilities. A character is forcefully punched over a ledge at 0:33, and a flying jump kick is delivered at 2:23. Super jumps seem like they’ll be a common sight in the game, and one is demonstrated at 0:40. Cloaking is seen at 1:05, and that’s immediately followed by a grenade that indicates enemy location. A character is shown climbing a building at 1:42, but it’s unclear if that’s a function of the EXO suit or something separate like magnetic gloves.

Exoskeletons may not be the only type of body support in Advanced Warfare, as some larger mech suits appear at the 1:29 mark. It’s unclear whether or not the player can take control of these, but a quick shot shows a suit equipped with a minigun arm. Other heavy machinery is shown at 2:10 in the form of hover bikes, which is followed by an intense, high-speed shootout sequence.

Of course, Kevin Spacey’s character Jonathan Irons narrates the entire trailer. His speech doesn’t make it clear whether he’s friend or foe, but the tone is distinctly nefarious. We can’t say too much about the head of the Atlas Corporation at this time, but you can read plenty more about Advanced Warfare’s story and Sledgehammer’s approach to the franchise in the pages of June’s Game Informer magazine.