Movie-Based Call Of Duty DLC We'd Like To See

by Dan Ryckert on Apr 03, 2014 at 06:00 AM

It had been teased before, but this week brought confirmation that the Predator would be making an appearance in Call of Duty: Ghosts' next DLC offering. This comes off after a previous pack that included a clever mode allowing players to step into the shoes of legendary slasher Michael Myers. Since it seems like Activision is open to doing some goofier DLC offerings lately (and using Call of Duty’s clout to secure the rights), we had a few ideas for other movies that could be introduced to the franchise  in the future.

Note: This feature contains some spoilers. If you haven't seen the movie pictured above the text, don't read that entry if you don't want to be spoiled.

Die Hard

This would take place in the setting of the first movie – Nakatomi Plaza. One player would play as ultra-cop John McClane, and seven others would team up as German terrorists. It would probably work best under Last Man Standing rules, which would make any death permanent. McClane would need to sneak through vents and take out terrorists one by one, while the others would try to take down the pesky officer before he defuses a bomb or fulfills a similar objective.

From Dusk Till Dawn

About halfway through this 1996 Robert Rodriguez film, it goes through a drastic change in tone that would work great for a horde mode. On the run from the law, brothers Seth and Richard Gecko wind up at a strip club whose name I probably can’t type here on account of our swear filter. There, what started as an outlaw story turns into a violent, vampire-filled bloodbath. Strippers, patrons, and staff morph into undead killing machines, and the few humans in the club attempt to survive until morning with whatever weaponry they can scrounge up. Sounds like the perfect recipe for a very M-rated Call of Duty mode.


In another “one man versus the world” mode, this would cast one player as the aging Western badass Will Munny. That player would start the round by downing a bottle of liquor and hopping on their horse on a quest for revenge. Seven others (including Gene Hackman’s “Little” Bill Daggett) would inhabit the town of Big Whiskey and prepare for the arrival of a drunk old man. Munny should probably get some accuracy and health bonuses on account of being Clint Eastwood.

There Will Be Blood

This one-on-one mode would cast one character as the sociopathic Daniel Plainview and the other as weaselly pastor Eli Sunday. The only weapons available in this mansion map would be some bowling ball projectiles and a bowling pin melee pickup.

Planet of the Apes

Give four people a bunch of guns and let them shoot a bunch of killer monkeys. What the hell else do you people want?