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How Rocksteady Is Keeping Batman's Gameplay Fresh

by Ben Hanson on Mar 17, 2014 at 09:00 AM

Throughout the month, we'll be updating our hub of exclusive coverage to coincide with our April cover story on Batman: Arkham Knight. While we've touched on the Batmobile previously, today's update allows you to hear game director Sefton Hill talk more about the vehicle and other new additions to the game. With a relatively small team of around 100 people, Rocksteady is attempting to conquer the monumental task of making the Batmobile drive as well as Batman plays. We spoke with Hill about finding the motivation within the studio to keep the gameplay within the Arkham series feeling fresh.

Watch the video below to hear game director Sefton Hill explain how the Batmobile changes the gameplay and what other additions the team is making to the Arkham formula.

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