How To Find Wonder Woman's Invisible Jet In The Lego Movie Videogame

by Andrew Reiner on Feb 10, 2014 at 08:56 AM

The Lego Movie Videogame holds a hilarious achievement/trophy that pushes players to locate and destroy Wonder Woman's invisible jet. Tracking down red and gold bricks is challenging as it is; finding something that cannot be seen is another story altogether. Thankfully, I just happened to stumble upon it during a Free Play session.

Here's what you need to do: Travel to the Old West hub and veer to the right to the graveyard containing the Cloud Cuckoo Land portal. Enter this level in Free Play mode. Switch to Unikitty (or any kitty variation) and locate the rainbow cloud bricks to the immediate right. Destroy the cloud and reassemble its pieces to create a launch pad that will send you flying to another cloud. The invisible jet is just a few feet to your right, hidden behind shimmering stars. Unleash any kind of attack you see fit to destroy it and send a mushroom cloud soaring into the sky. Seconds after this feat, you'll unlock the "To the Invisible Jet!" achievement/trophy.

If you are still having problems finding the jet, the video below will lead you directly to it.