How To Make Unlimited Money In Bravely Default

by Jeff Marchiafava on Feb 07, 2014 at 08:00 AM

Just like in real life, money makes things a lot easier in Bravely Default. Unlike in real life, we have a handy guide that lets you make as much of it as you want in a matter of minutes.

Things can get rather difficult in Bravely Default, and although you'll get the best loot (not to mention helpful job classes) by completing side quests and defeating the game's various bosses, having a decent bankroll can still be a big help. While the following guide takes a bit of prep work, once you have everything set up you'll never have to worry about money again.

Step #1. Thieves Like Us
The first thing you'll want to do is train one of your characters to be a thief. You'll unlock both the thief and merchant jobs in the first sub quest, which can be combined to make decent cash early in the game. The boss battles in the first sub quest can be surprisingly difficult, so if you're having trouble beating them, you may want to progress a little further in the main storyline.

The thief job's level-one ability is steal, and its specialty doubles the likeliness of success, so as soon as you equip the job, you're ready to start nabbing items from enemies during battle. Stealing from bosses awards you with some pretty nice gear as well, so having a competent thief in your party is a good idea.

Each character can also equip a second ability set from another job, and in the early game the merchant's skills complement the thief nicely. The merchant's level-two ability allows him or her to sell an item to an enemy at 2.4X what a merchant is willing to pay. This will no longer be important once you complete the next step, but in the early hours of the game, stealing high-value items from the right enemies and then selling them back on a subsequent turn is both lucrative and satisfying.

Step #2: Finding The Right Enemy
A few hours into the game, you'll unlock the ability to rebuild the town of Norende via a Facebook-like minigame. That may sound lame, but don't ignore this option; upgrading the shops in your village gives you access to some decent equipment, and the villagers will periodically gift you items to boot. If you upgrade the weapon shop to level six, you'll unlock the ability to purchase the Angel Bow, which will give your thief a major attack boost.

Eventually, you'll progress far enough in the main game to unlock nemeses. These powerful beasts will invade your village and pose a serious challenge to your party – however, you don't have to fight them if you don't want to. Nemeses are sent to your game by friends and other players on the Internet, and will come and go from your village every couple of days. You'll want to keep your eye out for a specific nemesis, but are free to ignore the other ones.

Tapping on a nemesis icon reveals its details, including its level, how long it will stay in your game, and who sent it. What you're looking for is a level 25 creature called Mammon – the name might be in Japanese (as seen above), but it's the blond-haired woman who has angel wings and creepy monster arms coming out of her back. Once you find one, get your thief ready and enter the fight.

The goal of the fight isn't to beat the nemesis, but to steal its item and then run away. There are two different variations of Mammon; one carries an ether (boo!) and is of little use to you. The other type carries an elixir, and is your ticket to limitless money.

Why, you ask? Because elixirs are the most powerful potions in the game. They restore 9999 HP and 999 MP, effectively returning your character to full health and magic regardless of what level they are. As such they are extremely expensive; a merchant will buy them for 25,000pg apiece.

As soon as you find an elixir-carrying Mammon, you should protect it from the village screen; this will ensure it never leaves unless you defeat it – which you're definitely not going to do.

Step #3: Profit
Once you've got the right Mammon, attaining huge amounts of money is pretty easy. Start a fight from the village screen, leverage your thief's BP to steal four times during your first move, and set the rest of your characters to run. Assuming your thief has higher agility than the rest of your characters (which is highly likely), he or she will attempt to steal the precious item four times (you can only steal it once, but there's always a chance you might fail a couple of tiimes). After your thief's turn, the rest of your party will make you flee the scene of the crime. Pressing the "Y" button during combat will automatically perform the last set of commands you performed, making it easy to repeat the battle quickly; you can also press right on the d-pad to speed up the battle animations, saving you even more time. After you have a dozen or so elixirs, just head to the nearest merchant and sell them for an exorbitant amount of cash. At level 11, your thief learns the Rob Blind ability, which allows you to steal two items instead of one. This means for every time you battle Mammon, you'll be making 50,000pg.

There are a couple of other perks to relying on this method for your money needs. First, it allows you to use the growth egg. Upgrading Norende's accessory shop to level 10 allows you to buy the item, which doubles your EXP and JP (used to level up your job) when equipped. This boost comes at the expense of money; battles will no longer reward any gold – but that won't matter if you're stealing and selling elixirs anyway. The growth egg costs a cool 500,000pg, which will only take you a couple of minutes collecting elixirs.

However, elixirs aren't just good for selling; they are a huge help during battles should your healer go down or run out of magic. I often keep a dozen or so elixirs on me at all times just in case I get into a pinch during a boss battle. They won't bring a party member back to life – but stocking up on Phoenix Downs before a battle will no longer be a problem, either.

The best part of this method is that because nemeses are fought from your village, you can do it at any time – even in dungeons. If you find your entire party on death's door and out of magic, there's no longer any need to return to an inn; simply pull up the village menu, rob Mammon a couple of times, and you're good to go.

While this money-making method may seem cheap (and ultimately is), it also cuts down on what little grinding Bravely Default requires. Most weapons and equipment are paced out over the course of the game anyway, so having unlimited money doesn't instantly let you buy all the best equipment – you just won't have to grind low-level enemies to afford them once they become available.