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Meet Evolve’s Hunters: Day 4

by Jeff Cork on Jan 17, 2014 at 08:00 AM

This week, we’re taking a focused look at four of the characters from Evolve. Turtle Rock’s upcoming shooter features four different classes – assault, trapper, support, and medic – with a variety of different people taking on those specific roles. So far, we’ve learned more about Markov, a member of the assault class; a trapper named Griffin; and Hank, a support class character. We end our week with a profile of Val, a medic who has clearly set aside the Hippocratic Oath.

Name: Val
Class: Medic
Class Ability: Health Burst

Val is a medic, but her role is vastly expanded from the healing archetype that players might expect. She is equipped with a Medgun, but it’s the least interesting thing about the character.

The Medgun fires a healing beam that looks and functions similarly to the Medic’s healing tool in Team Fortress 2, providing a single ally with slow but continual healing from a distance. If you’re playing as the monster and you see its telltale beam, you might want to resist the temptation to focus your energy on the recipient, and instead track the nuisance down to its source. The Medgun can also be used to revive incapacitated players from a distance, making it a powerful tool in Val’s arsenal.

Val packed along a pair of other weapons, which show how Turtle Rock isn’t shackling characters into traditional class-based roles. Her knowledge of anatomy is put to good use with her anti-materiel rifle, a weapon that she uses to highlight and expose monsters’ weak spots. Functionally, that means players who choose Val and hit monsters with the weapon provide extra damage to their teammates; a handy bull’s-eye is displayed on the enemy at the point of impact, showing allies where to aim. Hit a limb with the anti-materiel rifle, and squadmates who target that now-highlighted appendage will score additional damage. Get a headshot – which already nets extra damage – and the effects can be devastating.

Val’s other weapon seems like something that could have been lifted from Griffin’s locker. The tranquilizer rifle temporarily slows down the monster’s movement, making it harder to run away. In case the beast does give the hunters the visual slip, the dart’s other functionality comes in handy. While tranqued, the monster’s position shows up temporarily on the map, and the creature is highlighted with a bright green glow. Combine this weapon with Griffin’s harpoon gun, and you can essentially cripple the monster for brief periods of time.

The final tool in Val’s bag is a healing burst, which provides teammates within a small radius with a large and instantaneous health boost. This item is something that all of Evolve’s medics bring along with them on expeditions.

Most medics in shooters are relegated to healing duties, but Val’s anti-materiel rifle and tranquilizer gun give her more strategic options for helping take down the beast. Players will still spend a good deal of time topping off allies’ health bars, but her other abilities are vital to more advanced team strategies.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our look at the first four hunters of Evolve. For a look at what the hunters will be up against, check out our feature on the Goliath. Be sure to visit our Evolve hub for more exclusive coverage this month.

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