Readers' Choice Best Of 2013 Awards

by Matt Bertz on Jan 07, 2014 at 09:30 AM

You voted, we counted. Or rather, the GI robot counted for us. Now it's time to share the results.  More than 15,000 people weighed their opinions, and given the great selection of games that came out last year, several category competitions went down to the wire. Without further ado, here are your choices for the best games of 2013.

For the sake of comparison, we've included the Game Informer picks in parentheses when our choice differed from the readers'.

Best PS3 Exclusive: The Last Of Us

Best PS4 Exclusive: Killzone: Shadow Fall (Resogun)

Best Xbox 360 Exclusive: Gears of War: Judgment (Battleblock Theater)

Best Xbox One Exclusive: Dead Rising 3

Best Wii U Exclusive: Super Mario 3D World

Best PC Exclusive: Civilization V: Brave New World (Dota 2)

Best Vita Exclusive: Killzone: Mercenary (Tearaway)

Best 3DS Exclusive: The Legend Of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds

Best Mobile Exclusive: Plants vs. Zombies 2 (Device 6)

Best Action: The Last Of Us

Best Adventure: The Walking Dead: 400 Days (The Stanley Parable)

Best Cooperative Multiplayer: Grand Theft Auto Online (Super Mario 3D World)

Best Competitive Multiplayer: Battlefield 4 (Dota 2)

Best Fighting: Injustice: Gods Among Us

Best Racing: Forza Motorsport 5 (Need For Speed: Rivals)

Best Platforming: Super Mario 3D World

Best Puzzle: Scribblenauts Unmasked: A DC Comics Adventure (The Swapper)

Best Role-Playing: Pokémon X & Y

Best MMO: Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn

Best Rhythm/Music: Rocksmith 2014

Best Shooter: BioShock Infinite

Best Simulation: Animal Crossing: New Leaf (Papers, Please)

Best Sports: FIFA 14

Best Strategy: XCOM: Enemy Within (Dota 2)

Best Downloadable Content: BioShock Infinite: Burial At Sea (Mass Effect 3: The Citadel)

Game of the Year: The Last Of Us


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