Overheard: Game Informer Staff Quotables #15

by Ben Hanson on Dec 23, 2013 at 07:00 AM

While trying to get some very serious work done, you often overhear the strangest things in the Game Informer office. A long time ago we started collecting these overheard quotes and sharing them with our community in a series of posts. It's been a while since we've posted one of these, so you'll see some former staff members thrown in the mix for good measure. Also, I should point out that I sit right next to Jeff Cork and that's why he dominates the list below. Also I think he's really funny.

"It's a roller coaster of emotions right now." Jim Reilly on his last day, in the most monotonous tone ever.

Jeff Cork when seeing Andy McNamara with a moustache - "You should stay away from neighborhoods... more like Magnum P.U."

"Donald Trump's toilet has a big "s" in it and then his poop turns it into a dollar sign. Then he pays people to eat it." - Jeff Cork

Jeff Cork making fun of Kyle's hair - "Go back to guitar center!"

Jeff Marchiafava impersonating Dead Space's Isaac Clarke talking about the game's sound design - "Oh no, what's that ratchet clanking?"

Above: Tim Turi trying to comprehend why his mom is in the Replay recording room.

Intern O'Dell: "Violence never solved anything, Tim."
Tim: "Except some wars."

After Reiner told Jeff Marchiafava that he has to cover news over the weekend - "You're going to come in on Monday and find me swinging from the rafters." - Jeff Marchiafava
"Because you'll be so happy?" - Ben Reeves

"It's Dan's world. We're just living in it, baby." - A deadpan Jeff Cork

"Let's get retired in here." - A singing Jeff Cork

"Speculum-yum." - Jeff Cork

"Well, if you put enough butter on a thing... Biscuits and jam, huh? That's how they get you." - Tim Turi wrapping up a phone interview with a developer about video games.

"Dan Ryckert is NSFW." - Adam Biessener

This can't be conveyed by quotes, but there was a 20-minute discussion between Tim Turi and Jeff Cork of a fictional animated series starring an old man named Papa Squat and an adventurous southern mouse named Squeak Bayou.

"What does sea water stand for?" - Tim Turi

"I don't want people to find out what a nerd I am." - Kim Wallace
"Well it's not like you work at 'Cool Kid Incorporated'." - Jeff Cork

"Man, TellTale Games knows drama like nobody else. They put on the best puppet shows." - Jeff Cork

"Back that Daffy Duck truck up!" - Jeff Cork

"Daaaaamn, son! You gonna eat dem bull-balls?!" - Tim Turi

Ben Hanson overhearing Tim Turi talking about a World War Z article called "Brad Pitt's Big Gamble" - "Brad Pitt is making a zombie gambling movie?"
"Texas Hold 'em Down and shoot them in the head. If they start to flop, they're going to turn, so throw them in the river" - Tim Turi

"Major Payne 3… God, I still have to play that." - Jeff Cork

"I can't wait for the Watch Dogs prequel: Watch Puppies." - Ben Hanson
"All Watch Dogs go to Heaven." - Tim Turi

Above: Ben Reeves finding and falling off of a German snow pile in August and Dan Ryckert's summer attire.

"How are you missing a shoe? Did you throw one at George Bush?" - Andy McNamara to Dan Ryckert 

"How old is Hitler now, anyway?" - Ben Reeves making casual conversation with us at a cafe in Germany.

"Pollo pants up." - Jeff Cork

"God, I'm just trying to have a serious conversation about butt fries!" - A frustrated Jeff Marchiafava

"Hang on, I'm going to look that up in the definition book." - A sincere Ben Reeves

“You know, I have a weird Frankenstein memory.” – Kyle Hilliard on why he’s so weird

Tim Turi explicitly impersonated an invented character named "J. Jenna Jameson" for a long time.

"I wanna get butts in here." - Kim Wallace

"The Last of Asparagus" - Ben Hanson
"Joel and Smelly." - Jeff Cork

"You'll like the way you look, I Garrett-Thief it." - Tim Turi