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From The Game Informer Archives: Madden '93's Approved Sound Bytes

by Andrew Reiner on Dec 17, 2013 at 11:29 AM

Today, we complain about announcers repeating the same lines of dialogue in back-to-back sports games. Game Informer's ominous black filing cabinets hold paperwork that speak of a much simpler time and gamers demanding less from their experiences. One such document was sent out by Electronic Arts in 1992. This file touts Madden '93 having a whopping 13 lines of dialogue. The document also lists six additional nicknames "OK'd by EA Legal."

A second sheet details the differences between Madden '93 on Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis. Electronic Arts doesn't dance around the truth. Under the category of "faster, smoother gameplay," the Genesis version is labeled as "Same as '92." The category that lists if Madden's real voice is used, simply says "No" for the Super Nintendo version.

You can check out these historical documents below.

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