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Top 50 Challenge – Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time

by Kimberley Wallace on Nov 29, 2013 at 05:00 AM

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I love to play platformers, but it's fair to say many series have shifted from their old-school base. Even as a Ratchet and Clank fan, I've seen a series that once was only about adventuring tap into new ventures like tower defense, which has been a bit disappointing for me. So when Matt Helgeson presented me the opportunity to play Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time, I jumped at the chance. I haven't spent time with the raccoon thief since his second outing, Band of Thieves, on PlayStation 2 in 2004. I remembered Matt talking very highly about Thieves in Time, so I figured stepping back into Sly's shoes would scratch the platforming itch I've been craving.

And it did. Thieves in Time is solid on all fronts. From the colorful cast and their funny dialogue to the fun platforming sequences where you get new skills based on Sly's ancestors, I was hooked. I'm not a big fan of stealth in general, but what Thieves in Time reminded me of was just how much the series makes being a thief a fun. Never once did I feel frustrated as I sneaked behind enemies to pickpocket them for money and items. Part of this is thanks to the solid controls and easy to grasp gameplay. As I launched myself above lasers and donned disguises that allowed me to trick enemies and gain advantages like walking through fire, I realized Sly had plenty to offer. You don't play every level as Sly either; you play as his various ancestors and also his buddies, all with unique skills, such as the wheelchair-ridden Bentley, who uses bombs to break through obstacles. Not to mention, the cel-shaded game is just eye candy on your screen. 

While I only traveled to Feudal Japan in my time with the game, I'm looking forward to seeing other areas like the Wild West. If the game can keep up with the variety, you'll find no complaints from me. Thieves in Time was a pleasure to play and reminded me of how much fun I can still have with platformers. 

My Vote
So far, I agree with Matt. Everything I've experienced is solid. I plan on playing a bit more to get a better idea of the game, but I'm very optimistic. I feel like Thieves in Time fell off people's radars with other big releases in more popular genres, which is a shame. My gut says I'll be backing Matt in his fight to get Thieves in Time on our top 50 list.