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Fight For The Top 50 – Gunpoint

by Kyle Hilliard on Nov 28, 2013 at 01:00 PM

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Before being placed on the review for Gunpoint, I knew nothing about the game, which meant I went into the experience totally blind and without expectations. I immediately found myself engaged in the noir world, having a blast with the ability to leap and bound huge distances in order to hack and sneak my way into high-security buildings.

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Aside from the gameplay, the story offers a typical, but enjoyable murder mystery. As I moved deeper, however, the dialogue options created increasingly difficult to make decisions with major repercussions affecting progress through the game. You choose who to trust with the information you have, and it’s possible to be wrong. You can betray, you can try to help everyone, you can be a sarcastic a**hole, or you can do it all for the money, and it’s all based on engaging dialogue trees.

I walked away from Gunpoint hugely impressed with plans to replay the game on my own time to experience some of the levels I missed thanks to my choices, and see everything the story has to offer. It’s a game that deserves a spot on our list, but one that was understandably missed by many here in our editorial pool.

The Top 50 Challenge
Matthew Kato, like most editors here at Game Informer, is a fan of nearly all genres, but his reviews focus mostly on racing and sports games. We don’t often get to hear his impressions of story-driven action games, so I am excited to hear his thoughts. I am hopeful after he plays through this noir-soaked stealth game, that he will agree that it deserves a spot on our list.

Kato was given a day to play Gunpoint. Come back tomorrow at 7 PM CT to read his impressions and see if he'll support the game's inclusion on our Top 50 Games of the Year list.