test chamber

Test Chamber – Ryse: Son Of Rome

by Andrew Reiner on Nov 22, 2013 at 04:38 AM

Xbox One launches today and we're taking a look at some of its launch lineup titles, including Crytek's brawler Ryse: Son of Rome. Set nearly two millennia ago, the Roman army's bloody march into Britannia is used as a canvas to show off an amazing array of graphical details. Ryse is visually stunning and one of the best looking next-gen games yet. How does it play? That's what we discuss in this episode, and I also break down the mechanics in my review.

Our Test Chamber episode, takes protagonist Marius Titus to a bandit infested forest (which is roughly a third of the way through the game). This look shows off most of the gameplay mechanics and we don't hold back from showing as many executions as we can.

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