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The Weapons And Gadgets Of The Order: 1886

by Tim Turi on Oct 30, 2013 at 10:20 AM

Certain Sony franchises are known for their creative weaponry. The gadgets of Isomniac’s Ratchet & Clank and Resistance series have weapons that turn their foes into snowmen or cover them with plague-infected goo. The weapons of Ready At Dawn’s The Order: 1886 aren’t quite as outlandish, but they’re every bit as creative and deadly. From the thermite rifle’s clouds of burning metal to the arc gun’s precision lightning blasts, these are the firearms and tech of The Order: 1886.

The Combo Gun

The bread and butter of The Order’s arsenal. The combo gun has two different functions. The rifle component of the gun is good for gunning down foes from a distance. The other barrel delivers a concussive blast that knocks foes back like a Force push. Stunned enemies can then be picked off with rifle fire.

The Arc Gun

This high-voltage weapon is where things start to get more experimental. The arc gun has electric wires and components spread along its long metal rods. Electrical current zaps along this contraption as it warms up, creating a Jacob’s Ladder. This piece of bleeding edge technology shakes and smokes as it charges up a precise, long-distance bolt of energy. The way it zaps towards far off targets reminds us of Cole’s eagle-eyed lightning blast from Infamous.

The Thermite Rifle

The thermite rifle is the flashiest and most devastating of the bunch Ready At Dawn has revealed so far. Pellets packed with strips of aluminum iron oxide are blasted into the environment, which then break open into a cloud of glittery metal paper. A high temperature flare is then shot into the cloud, creating a chemical reaction that turns the cloud into a burning mass of melting metal. This devastating weapon is perfect for punishing enemies hiding behind cover.

Fragmentation Grenades

Everybody knows how grenades work – pull the pin and throw it before it blows up. The Order’s grenades are a little different than average. These thrown explosives resemble the handled “potato masher” grenades usually used by German troops. It also features a small spike that allows it to be stuck into walls or the floor, creating a nasty proximity mine.

The Communicator

Not every piece of tech used by the knights of The Order is deadly. This communication device is well ahead of its time, allowing Galahad and his crew to coordinate remotely through the dense city streets of London. 

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