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video interview

Behind The Filmic Presentation Of The Order: 1886

by Ben Hanson on Oct 18, 2013 at 09:00 AM

In the November issue of Game Informer, our cover story on The Order: 1886 mentioned Ready At Dawn's efforts to make their game feel "filmic". While many developers tout their game's cinematic presentation, the fidelity of the PlayStation 4 allows Ready At Dawn to bring this concept to another level. Specialized lighting effects, the slight curvature of the "lens", more accurately portraying depth of field – it all adds to the developer's intent of making the game look as though it was shot with a real camera. But why? Why should a video game's digital camera portray lens flare or present the game through a cinematic aspect ratio? I spoke with The Order: 1886's creative director  Ru Weerasuriya about his thoughts on blurring the line between games and Hollywood.

Watch the bonus video below to hear the creative director's thoughts on pushing The Order: 1886 to be more "filmic". 

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