Grand Theft Auto V: The Little Moments

by Dan Ryckert on Oct 15, 2013 at 01:18 PM

Rockstar’s latest entry in the record-breaking Grand Theft Auto series has been out for almost a month, but the world of Los Santos is more than big enough to keep players invested for months more. I beat the game’s main story this week, and kept notes throughout on some of the unscripted, unexpected, or surprising little moments that made me laugh.

  • When the game introduced me to Chop early on, I was instructed on how to throw a ball for him to fetch. I tossed it across the street, and he was immediately struck by a car when he chased after it. I tweeted a screenshot of the incident, which seemed to concern and confuse my mother.
  • I was tasked with destroying a van at one point, so I took it into a mountain tunnel to minimize the chances of raising police attention. Taking out my jerry can, I poured a long line of gasoline leading to the vehicle. After I ignited the trail with a bullet, a minor traffic jam started to line up behind my van. By the time the trail of fire reached its intended target, it was close enough to four or five other vehicles to destroy them as well. Instant two-star wanted level, and a long police chase through the mountains began.
  • Once Franklin moved into his new house in the Vinewood Hills, I wanted to celebrate by leaping off the roof into my pool. Franklin did an ungraceful front flip and landed spine-first on the corner of the pool’s edge. He died immediately.
  • In the mission that tasks Franklin with assassinating the executive of a pharmaceutical company, I wanted to do something different than the standard sniper kill that the game seemed to be pushing me toward. After placing a getaway vehicle in close proximity to the hotel that the exec was leaving, I laid three sticky bombs along the path he’d walk to his car. I waited until the right time, and it worked perfectly (click here for video).
  • While riding on a jet ski, I spotted a deer grazing near the edge of the water. I ramped off the wave and killed a deer with a damn jet ski.
  • I witnessed two guys in the desert holding some other dude at gunpoint. Not knowing what the situation was, I hopped out of my car and took the two gunmen out with an assault rifle. I approached the victim as he thanked me, and wanted to hear what he had to say. As he started to express his gratitude, I hit the B button to reload my weapon. Apparently my gun was already reloaded, as I accidentally struck and killed the man with the butt of my rifle. Now there were three bodies in the desert, and I was left wondering how I’d explain this to the police.
  • Michael’s daughter Stacey was being stalked by some creep, so I took to the streets and planned on taking him out. With Stacey in the passenger seat, I made the risky decision to try to toss a sticky bomb on the stalker’s car during a chase. I pressed LB to toss the device, and quicky detonated it when I saw it get near him. Both cars immediately exploded, taking out the stalker, Michael, and Tracey.
  • On top of Mount Chiliad, I spotted two cyclists taking selfies. I placed a sticky bomb at their feet in a position that I hoped would cause their bodies to be blown off the mountainside. Upon detonation, my wish was granted as their bodies ragdolled down the cliff. When the cops came to the scene, I attempted to ride one of their bikes down the mountain. Within seconds, I hit a rock awkwardly and died in a crash. I left the hospital after recovering, and a dog was barking at me. I shot it in the head, and another lengthy police chase immediately began.

Those are just a few of the dozens of gameplay moments that made me laugh during my time with GTA V. With GTA Online and tons of sidequests still calling my name, I’m sure I’ll experience many more before I’m done with it. 

How about you? Head to the comments section below and let us know what crazy experiences you’ve had in Los Santos.