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Replay – Jedi Power Battles

by Adam Biessener on Sep 14, 2013 at 03:00 AM

In honor of my time with Game Informer coming to a close, the crew let me pick the Replay this week – and for some reason I took pity on staff and viewer alike by not picking some obscure hardcore PC strategy game from the '80s.

Jedi Power Battles is a surprisingly good co-op brawler from the depths of the dark era of Episode I madness. The PSone 3D graphics are of course rough on modern eyes, but the gameplay holds up much least when you're not literally stuck between Jar Jar and an oncoming hovertank. I played an obnoxious amount of this game (after my second time through Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete) one summer at an overnight job where I could play PlayStation games on a tiny 13-inch TV. At least the pixels weren't quite so obvious on that crappy little box.

The Roulette this week is another Star Wars game from the same era, and it too surprises in its failure to suck -- even if it's no X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter.

Thanks for watching and for everything else over the years, everyone.

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