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From The Game Informer Archives: Daemonsgate's One Sheet Is All About The Numbers

by Andrew Reiner on Sep 04, 2013 at 06:15 AM

Before I joined Game Informer in the early '90s, I remember a time when numbers played a large role in determining if I was going to purchase a game or not. At the time, my only sources for game information were Nintendo Power magazine, talking to Electronics Boutique store clerks, and reading the back of game boxes. I didn't have an Internet to turn to, and my friends weren't rabid about new game releases like I was. I was often the guinea pig who threw down the cash to see if a game was worth playing or not. The video stores in my neck of the woods didn't get new releases until a month or two after release.

Today I fingered my way through Game Informer's filing cabinets, which are stuffed with fact sheets, one-sheets, and documents from an industry long gone, and stumbled upon a flier for Imagitec Design's Dameonsgate. The messaging on this document reveals almost nohing about the game, and instead highlights a variety of statistics and bonuses included. As amusing as this is now, the younger me probably would have been drooling over these numbers. I am after all a person who purchased the Sega Genesis game, Haunting, because the back of the box said it had "16 megs of cool graphics, over 400 scary, funny or gross fright items, and a killer dungeon with 12 paths."

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Below is a video of Daemonsgate in action. The video was captured by YouTube user RPGSammler.