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How To Find The Mementos And Albino Tarkaas In Lost Planet 3

by Bryan Vore on Sep 03, 2013 at 08:26 AM

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I may not be the biggest fan of Lost Planet 3. However, I did enjoy seeking out all of the important collectibles. If you're looking to nab all of them and earn some sweet upgrades, you've come to the right place.

It takes a while for the following quests to become available in the game, but once they are, you need to be sure you have Jim Payton's magnetic grappling hook upgrade and the rig's extended winch upgrade. This way you'll be able to get everything in one pass without having to stop and come back. Obviously, there may be some minor spoilers along the way.


In the Forgotten camp, old man Soichi will task you with collecting mementos from friends who have gone missing. You have to grab all four to get the reward, but it's worth it. 

1) Colonel Mason Pickett /Pickett’s Folley - Rusty Dog Tags. Head out over the path that goes through the lava. Inside the structure that looks like a mini EPCOT, look up for a magnetic hook that takes you to the dog tags.

2) Silvia Herrera/Security Installation - Gold Brooch. In the circular room right when you walk in magnetic grapple hook up into the hole in the ceiling with tons of light coming in. The brooch is on one of the bodies. Look around to find the halberd weapon in the same room.

3) Lagan Cherupara/First Colony Power Plant - Knight. In the big room with the hole in the roof, there’s door up high with a bunch of melted metal around it. Hook up to the magnetic grip point and fall down the hole inside the room. Look for the chess board to get the knight.

4) Juro Katsuragi/Marshall’s Gorge - Silver Flask. With the extended winch upgrade, shoot to the far-off cliff. The sweet spot is touchy so move around a bit until you see the button prompt. Go down the holes until you reach a cavern. Zip up to the passage. Keep moving until you see a magnetic grip point. Inside the lab you will find the flask on the dead dude.

Reward: Plus 50 percent maximum health.


Outside of the standard bestiary collection sidequest, another guy in the Forgotten camp tasks you with finding 10 albino tarkaas. Again, it's smart to get the magnetic grapple upgrade for Jim and the extended winch upgrade for the rig. These rare animals make a distinct sound to let you know they're nearby so keep the sound turned up. Just like with the normal bestiary, shoot them with the alternate pistol ammo to collect their data.

1) Coronis - On the southeastern edge of the map shoot your claw out and zip over. The creature is on a wall.

2) Marshall’s Gorge - With the extended winch upgrade shoot to the far-off cliff. The sweet spot is touchy so move around a bit until you see the button prompt. Jump down off the cliff and head through the two huge doors. In the first room the tarkaa is up near the huge hole in the ceiling.

3) Diaz Cavern - In the first open ice cave before the T-ENG post zone, stand next to the second akrid spawn location and look up to the right. You should see it in the blue light opening.

4) Killing Fields - Face the rig toward the Forgotton town, then turn left until you see a claw grip point. Zip over to the opening. Go through the corridor to the T-ENG pump. Make your way as low as you can and look towards the cave walls. 

5) Security Installation - Go left down the ramp hallway. Take a right. Look for a blue "keep this area clear" sign. Look in the window to the right of it to find the tarkaa.

6) Baily’s Crossing - Find the two mechanical moving pistons. It’s hiding behind the one that’s closest to the rock wall.

7) Bishop’s Wake - Look at the local map. It’s hidden at the tip of the area that looks like a golf putter.

8) Pickett’s Folly - Go out over the lava path until you go inside the structure that looks like EPCOT. Use the zipline rope to go to another area and look back at EPCOT. The tarkaa will be crawling on the roof.

9) Power Plant - In the multistory room that’s as far back as you can go. Check the upper area for a melted metal opening with a magnetic grip point in it. This is also where one of the mementos is. Turn around and look down on the pile of boxes and you’ll see a flash of white. With good aim and patience you’ll eventually collect this sample.

10) Shackleton’s Peak - At the rig lift near the control shack there’s a cave off to the side full of Goonroes. Latch onto a metal ledge near the crane. Look back to see a lit cavern in the upper right where the tarkaa is.

Rewards: Faster health regen, faster reload, and aiming reticule appears while blind firing.